The Hampstead Satanic Ritual Abuse Hoax: To the USA and Back

In early 2015, a Satanic Ritual Abuse panic in London prompted a bizarre protest outside a church in Hampstead. As expected, the crowd included evangelical Christians, but they were also joined by some “alternative media” conspiracy types: those present included a former police officer turned New Ager named Ray Savage, and “Freeman of the Land” ideologues such as Neelu Berry and Mark Ceylon.

The panic had been engineered by a woman and her partner as part of a custody dispute: they coached her two children to make gruesome and sexually explicit allegations online, including extravagant claims about how their father was supposedly part of a cult that ate babies and made shoes out of baby skin. The whole thing fell apart very quickly, and some of those involved in promoting the hoax have since faced police and court action.

However, the story lingers on within the conspiracy milieu: the blog Hoaxstead Research has continued to chronicle the ongoing afterlife of the conspiracy theory, and the further adventures of those promoting it and their associates. In the past week, the site has been drawing attention to one Tom Dunn, an American Christian who has a line of Hampstead-related merchandise and who makes YouTube videos from a room festooned with a “We Demand Hampstead Justice Now” banner. It seems that the story was brought to Dunn’s attention some time ago by Angela Power-Disney, a British conspiracy theorist who recently withdrew from promoting the story after dwelling on the plight one of its prime movers, Sabine McNeil, who is currently in prison.  (1)

Dunn and his associate Jared Chrestman are the makers of a DVD entitled Detestable: The Realities of Satanic Ritual Abuse, and of a follow-up called This is a War, on the subject of spiritual warfare. Neither work is likely to make its way into mainstream evangelical retail outlets, but these are the products of a Christian alt-fundamentalist “underground” that communicates via podcasts and hang-outs: this is also reflected in Dunn’s personal appearance, which is that of a biker rather than a clean-cut televangelist. Their YouTube channel “Through the Black” can be seen here; views of their various videos range from a few hundred to a couple of thousand.

There is, however, some trickle-up, and Dunn and Chrestman were just last month interviewed by Derek Gilbert on his View from the Bunker podcast. Gilbert has featured on this blog previously: he and his wife Sharon are in turn associated with Thomas Horn and Horn’s Defender Publishing, and while their mix of end-times teachings and science-fiction conspiracy mongering may also seem somewhat marginal to evangelicalism, Horn and the Gilberts have been mainstreamed to the extent that they have appeared on The Jim Bakker Show.

Other recent interviewees on Derek Gilbert’s podcast include Pastor Carl Gallups, a one-time Sandy Hook truther (although he later denied being such) who controversially led the prayers at an election rally in 2016, and Rabbi Zev Porat (previously blogged here, and a favourite of WND‘s Joseph Farah). According to the interview with Dunn and Chrestman, they met Gilbert earlier this year at a conference in Dallas called “Hear the Watchmen”; this is a yearly event established by Mike Kerr and Jeannie Moore.

Dunn’s videos are now being used to keep the Hampstead hoax alive back in the UK; thus one item has recently been re-uploaded to the channel of Eddie Isok, an alt-right activist whose Twitter avatar shows him posing with Anne-Marie Waters; according the blurb he has added to the YouTube upload (dots in original), “Just a little video for the child murdering protector trolls on youtube….God is digging a pit for the wicked so enjoy the madness while you can…Love eddieisok.”


1. Another key Hampstead promoter, Belinda McKenzie, was very recently seen at the Democrats and Veterans Party conference, where she spoke about the Nephilim of the Book of Genesis and the effects of child abuse on the “umbilic region of the brain”. Self-described “police whistleblower” Jon Wedger took to the stage after her.

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  1. Wedger is ramping up his Satanic output:

    He’s also written a poem “whilst sat on an underground train in London” – presumably one of those frictionless mag-lev marvels TfL are secretly installing which led one of his disciples to comment: “Beautiful calligraphy”.
    Another sees beyond: “Wow. It speaks to me about witchcraft and the satanic “circles” or “rings””.

    • Well worth sticking with the video ’til the end – I thought she was going to start speaking in tongues!

      She has a website:

      When Wedger asks what should those experiencing such horrors as described should do she rather worryingly urges them to report it to the church. Hopefully anyone witnessing “children kept in cages or hung on hooks” – perhaps even forced to eat a “ritually sacrificed” baby torn from the loving arms of a “forcibly impregnated” girl – will ignore this advice & head straight to the police station/nearest psychiatric ward.

  2. I was surprised that you “expected” the “crowd” to include “Evangelical Christians”, or that that demographic was over-represented, if that was the case. I hadn’t noticed any sort of Christian ethos in the Hampstead Witch Hunt community myself.

    I am mentioned here, which explains my role in the witch hunt, or hoax.

    John Allman warned everyone about Abe & Ella back in January

    I blogged about this matter here:

    The Hampstead Witch Hunt – parental alienation taken to extremes

    • There was a prayer at the protest:

      “… Lord Jesus, just open up this time of prayer among these good people who have gathered in protest against what is happening with these children, associated to this church and the local primary school… Lord, we call on good police officers, who know what’s going on. We call on the police officers who have been told by their senior officers to stop this investigation. Lord, just empower these people. People worried, they need their jobs, need to pay their mortgage. Lord, just open their eyes… Lord, just expose this sinister circumstance, Lord.”

      • Praying that God should bring the truth to light, whatever it is, is orthodox. Telling him what that truth is in the same breath, in public, strikes me as risky.

  3. Off-topic, but back again to the USA:

    “On Fox News last Friday, Tucker Carlson discussed the coven’s plans, taking particular umbrage with their idea to donate 25% of proceeds to Planned Parenthood, which he said would “help them continue to fund their human sacrifice rituals”.”

  4. Wedger again, this time posting links to ‘articles’ which conflate this, that and the other:

    “Hemel Hempstead MP Sir Mike Penning has given his full support to Wedger in a campaign to protect police whistle-blowers… …Canals and Satanism in ex-Met cop’s whistle-blowing claims…” Etc.

    To be fair to the linked-piece:

    “CWF has contacted Sir Mike’s offices on five occasions asking for his views on Wedger’s Satanism claims and to confirm he is still supporting him in his battle. We have not received a response.”

    But the damage is done, Penning – you absolue moron! You gave him a leg up – now watch him run…

  5. I’ve been making Thomas Dunn unhappy by hijacking his campaign hashtags on twitter along with some hoaxteaders. He’s realized his online efforts are being countered and his merchandise, which he claims is to promote his 3000 mile away crusade and not for profit, can only lead people googling Hampsteadjustice or thelegendarycampaign to a vast collection of posts either disputing the Hampstead case as genuine SRA or mocking poor old Tom. He’s not taking it very well.

  6. […] those who make fake paedo accusations, such those behind the Pizzagate conspiracy theory and the Hampstead Satanic Ritual Abuse hoax, not only are these claims morally wrong and damaging to individuals, but they also divert […]

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