Fringe-Right “Brexit Alliance” Announced

British “QAnon” Enthusiasts Involved

On the website of the Democrats and Veterans Party website, a new political alliance is announced:

The purpose of the Brexit Alliance is strictly that of being a temporary strategic alliance exclusively for the purpose of uniting with other pro-Brexit small parties and independent candidates for the sake of removing pro-Remain members of Parliament, and working to get as many pro-Leave candidates elected as possible – in the event that another snap General Election is called next year as a means of attempting to thwart our genuine exit from the European Union.

The post is tagged “messages from the leader”; this would be John Rees-Evans, a former UKIP leadership candidate who in 2017 suggested that dual-national British citizens (particularly those with Indian citizenship) should be offered money to leave the country. He is also known for responding to a comment about how “some homosexuals prefer sex with animals” with an anecdote about how a “homosexual donkey” had attempted to “rape” his horse – Metro had some fun with this in February, when the party unveiled its logo, which features a donkey holding a Union Flag. In 2015 he was profiled by Vice, which described how he lives in a secure compound in Bulgaria.

Although Rees-Evans is the DVP leader (1), the party was founded the month before by one Gavin Felton, as was reported in the Sun at the time:

ARMED forces veterans will declare all-out war on mainstream politicians next month – by launching their own party. Five ex-squaddies aim to field 87 candidates at the next election on a mission to topple “morally deficient” and “self-serving careerist” MPs.

Former Army sergeant major Gavin Felton has joined forces with other ex-servicemen and like-minded activists to set up the Democrats and Veterans Party.

Not all members, though, seem pleased with the latest development, with one commentator complaining that

I demand to know exactly who we are aligning our party with im not waiting for Tom Parsons to decide when i can know this , your allegiance is with your party members not Tom Parsons and The Peoples Revolution Party

This refers to another lesser-known group, which had been promising a “massive announcement” on its website for some days. This was eventually revealed to be the same “Brexit Alliance” announced by Rees-Evans:

For the next 14 days the members of this Alliance called “The Brexit Alliance” will be put out piece by piece on our twitter page @TPRParty.

You will find the list here updated daily so you have one list of which to view this from.

The impression seemed to be that the TPRP and its leader Parsons were in some way in charge of the alliance (also described on the page as a “coalition”), which seems odd given Rees-Evan’s higher media profile. However, the webpage has now been removed, and TPRP has apparently deactivated its Twitter account.

One version of the page is currently preserved on Google Cache, and fragments are viewable in search results on Yahoo and Bing. The page was also discussed on 15 September by Far Right Watch, which wrote that

They do not list what ‘Parties’ make up their ‘Coalition’. So far the only ‘Parties’ we see are ‘British Fight‘, ‘Aslans Army‘ and ‘QAnon

Enthusiasm for the American “QAnon” conspiracy theory was also evident on TPRP’s Twitter feed. Cached remnants and a screenshot from Twitter, however, instead refer to


1. The People’s Revolution Party
2. Democrats & Veterans Party

Political Organisations/Non-Political Organisations/Pressure Groups/Media Support:

New Chartists
The White Pendragons
Bruges Group
Fish 4 Leave

And also later:

3. The English Democrats
4. The Populist Party
5. British Union & Sovereignty Party
6. The Christian People’s Alliance

Along with:

Great Awakening
UK Unity
Ezra Lewis
Kim Rose
Campaign for an English Parliament

There’s no evidence of anyone contradicting this list, and “Red Pill Phil”, a fringe-right activist I recently noted here, interviewed Parsons earlier this month. Oddly, however, Far Right Watch also notes that TPRP have also stated that “Ukip will be exposed, AMD [Anne-Marie Waters, of For Britain] will be given a choice. We will grow in power far quicker than them both combined.”

The TPRP leadership team is not particularly recognisable, although Far Right Watch identifies one member as “ex National Front, ex BNP”. Another member of the team, Party Spokesman Duncan Campbell (not the well-known journalist), can be heard here discussing the “Road To The Illuminati New World Order” with a conspiricist radio host named Kev Baker – Rothschilds feature prominently. Parsons has also been interviewed for a video put online by the Bases Project, which bills itself as “derived from the early pioneering Irish UFO Research Centre” (2). Parsons explained to his interviewer – Caroline Stephens, a UKIP activist who was also Campaign Manager for Leave.Eu – that while at primary school he had experienced “an overwhelming energy” and a sense that he would “change the world in some way”.

At this point, it is difficult to tell if the “QAnon” element noted above is an outlier. However, as I noted recently, a close associate of Tommy Robinson was cheered at a “Free Tommy” rally  when he expressed the view that the country is run by an elite of “Satanic paedophiles”, and in June Rees-Evans interviewed none other than Jon Wedger (in the back of a car, for some reason) on the subject of “How we fight paedophilia in Britain”; I previously looked at Wedger and the conspiracy milieu here.

UPDATE: Parsons has now disappeared from the People’s Revolution Party website, replaced by Campbell as “interim leader”.


1. The DVP deputy leader was formerly one Trevor Coult, who quit in May and made a statement that “I will never have my integrity in question by supporting issues I don’t believe in!” When asked to explain further, he said that issue in question was “Tommy Robinson”. This was several months after Coult had promoted the party on The Richie Allen Show, a conspiracy podcast associated with David Icke.

2. The Bases Project’s logo consists of a human hand combined with the eyes and facial shape of an alien “Grey”. The organisation believes that “IVF treatment was created to make humans into a cyborg slave race, so called Greys and other cyborg hive controlled trans-humans.”