Irish Magazine Carries New Enoch Powell “VIP Sex Abuse” Claim

From Ireland’s Village magazine:

In 2015, [Enoch] Powell was named in a Church of England review into historical child sex abuse concerning the 1980s. One of its spokespersons told the press that: “The name Enoch Powell was passed to Operation Fernbridge on the instruction of Bishop Paul Butler”. The information originally came from a cleric who has counselled child abuse victims in the 1980s. Last April Village gave Powell the benefit of the doubt insofar as these claims were concerned. In light of [Richard] Kerr’s account of his encounters with Powell – revealed here for the first time – that benefit must now be replaced with outright condemnation.

The “revelation” forms part of a longer article that supposedly links sex abuse in children’s homes in Northern Ireland with VIP paedophile conspiracies involving the British secret services. This was the context in which Powell was thus able to commit abuse in Northern Ireland with impunity, despite his status as a political pariah and many journalists, activists and other enemies highly motivated to look for discrediting scandals.

I discussed the allegation against Powell that was raised in 2015 here. Powell was not in fact named during a “Church of England review”; Butler contacted police after the Bishop of Monmouth, Dominic Walker, was asked to expand on an old quote that had appeared in 1991 book, when he was a vicar in Brighton. This old quote in turn related to claims about a VIP Satanic cult that were raised in court during the trial of a fraudster in the 1980s (1).

Meanwhile, I discussed Kerr here, in relation to the Inquiry into Historical Institutional Abuse in Northern Ireland. There is no doubt that Kerr is a damaged and vulnerable adult whose early years were blighted by sex abuse, but the inquiry found that his account contained inconsistencies and that he was actually in custody in Northern Ireland during a period in which he now claims to have been trafficked to London. The Village article, by one Joseph de Búrca, does not address or even acknowledge this problem. (2)

It is also difficult to understand why Powell’s alleged abuse of Kerr (“Powell began to beat him with a leather belt and buckle. The abuse involved a variety of other acts of degradation including oral sex and masturbation…”) is now being “revealed here for the first time”. In 2015, Kerr appeared on the UK’s Channel 4 News and Australia’s 60 Minutes programme on Channel 9. On 60 Minutes, Kerr identified the late Peter Hayman (a known paedophile who was likely the Deputy Director for MI5) as having been one of his abusers; according to Exaro News, he also referred to Lord Mountbatten, the former head of MI6 Sir Maurice Oldfield, Anthony Blunt, and the MPs Knox Cunningham, Nicholas Fairbairn and Cyril Smith. (3)

Kerr made some of these identifications after being shown photographs; it’s not clear to what extent this was a genuine test rather than theatre, but even if he were not shown a photo of Powell, one would still have expected Kerr to have mentioned his name long before now. Powell is probably the most famous person Kerr has now publicly named, looming larger in British collective memory today than even Lord Mountbatten.

In lieu of providing supporting evidence, the Village instead draws attention to Powell’s racism, and to details of a homosexual affair while he was at university. The article also quotes a letter Powell wrote at the age of 25, in which he admits (unconventionally, to his parents) to an “instinctive affection” for 17-year-old boys to whom he was teaching classics in Australia. Readers are also shown photos of Powell apparently appearing on a television chat show with Jimmy Savile and smiling alongside Ted Heath, who is also described as “another paedophile with a taste for young boys” (presumably the author’s odd take on the Operation Conifer fiasco).


1. At the time, Walker was associated with the Churches Exorcism Study Group, and he had a media profile as an Anglican authority on “occult” matters. I remember seeing him on TV from time to time.

2. Village magazine describes itself as “Ireland’s political and cultural magazine”. It was relaunched following bankruptcy by an Irish journalist named Michael Smith in 2009. It leans left, although a rival left-wing magazine called The Phoenix doesn’t think much of it.

3. This segment was not used by 60 Minutes, and it has been claimed that Exaro published the article against Kerr’s wishes. The Exaro website closed down in 2016; it has recently been revived as an online archive.

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  1. I was abused by more famous people than you were, which makes me a greater Martyr than you’ll ever be! Neener-neener!

  2. The article undermines itself by the reference to Powell’s ‘racism’. Racism? This turns it into a joke. Cannot the gossip-mongers think of something, anything, else?

  3. I am trying to find circulation figures for this magazine but am coming up short. Vincent Browne, the previous owner, is very well-known in Ireland. His personal politics are left of centre, fwiw. ( a sample clip from YouTube of Vincent in action: )

    I cannot say I’ve ever purchased a copy of the mag. I occasionally buy the Phoenix, which is essentially the Irish equivalent to Private Eye.

  4. “The children at Barry’s [Barry’s Amusements, “the largest theme park in NI”] provided the perfect cover for what was about to happen: the handover to Powell. If the kidnappers had waited at a cross-roads or outside a hotel for such a high-profile politician, it might have attracted unwanted attention.”


    “Powell spirited Kerr away [from Northern Ireland’s largest amusement park] on his own to a guest house near Portrush where he had booked a bedroom… … Powell began to beat him with a leather belt and buckle.”

    Hard to see why waiting outside a hotel would have been a problem for Powell when he apparently possessed the devilish ability to knock seven bells out of a boy in a B&B without raising an eyebrow, nor attracting “attention”.

    An Irish Andrew Ash(worth)… poor sod.

  5. I must say BarthsNotes has been quite mild in reporting this utter bullshit. But this site is at least always “fair and balanced” (unlike Fox News).
    Will these fanatics ever let up?
    It is a sickness. Their obsession with accusing former MPs and celebrities reeks of a deeper sickness within them. I reckon a team of shrinks should study this crew to see if it’s their inner fantasies are really at the core of their rantings. Suppressed desires?. Perhaps like “gay bashers”.
    And I knew Anthony Blunt very well for many years (it was a terrible shock when it was revealed he was a spy). To falsely claim he abused children is ridiculous. His tastes were for Guardsmen ( a bit of fad in the 70s) and the bigger, the more manly the better.

  6. Eric, may I ask, in what context did you know Anthony Blunt very well for many years, and why was it a terrible shock when he was revealed as a spy?

    • Socially through friends and in particular a well known barrister who I often worked for. Being open minded (and straight) I became a regular at various dinner and drink’s parties including at Blunts. Guardsmen and “butch” blokes was their favourite topic and a common like and not sure how successful they were except perhaps when money changed hands. From what I gathered with Blunt was that he was basically celibate. I had no idea that he was involved in spying and when that exposure happened he became quite reclusive. Of course pedophiles come from every class and type of person but this notion the ruling class or politicians are somehow involved in some huge child trafficking (and Satanic) conspiracy (and their fierce enemies ignore it) seems to say more about the fantasies of their accusers. And it was Margaret Thatcher who exposed Blunt- hardly the actions of a PM engaged in cover-ups when she decimated his almost perfect life (working for The Queen) with the result he could have then exposed this alleged giant pedo ring run from the top. Those making these absurd claims often don’t realize how impractical their claims really are.

      • Eric, I was trying to test if you are bullshitting us, your story sounds plausible so I guess not.

        I agree that those making absurd claims often don’t realise how impractical their claims are. Another example is ‘Nick’s claims about Heath and Proctor being complicit in abusing him. When Proctor says that he and Heath despised each other, and had little in common apart from both being members of the same political party, he surely telling the truth. Anyone who knows anything about the recent history of the Tories would know that Heath and Proctor were on opposite ideological wings of the party.

  7. TRIGGER WARNING: Bill Baloney has made another film – a 30 minute long interview with a disgruntled ex-copper.

    From the ex-copper’s website, “For the past eight years, I have been working with anti-child abuse campaigner Bill Maloney in raising awareness of the true extent of the scale of this heinous crime…”

    Worryingly his tales are being lapped up by the press, and while it’s one thing appearing with the likes of Brian Turnip, Ritchie Allen or in rubbish penned by Baloney’s old partner in crime at the Express, James Fielding, but being interviewed by the BBC (see “Jon’s Interviews”) might lead people to believe the rubbish.

    I’m 7 minutes into the video with Baloney and about to bail; at the 4-minute mark their shared belief in organised Satanic Ritual Abuse pops up with discussion of “the RAINS list”…

    (More info here: )

    … and now Baloney seems to be claiming that one of his family members was abused by Ted Heath & that former Wiltshire top cop, Mike Veale incorporated this idiotic claim into his daft report. Disgruntled ex-copper chips in & claims contact between himself and Veale (though hopefully he stayed clear of the pair of bollocks which we are assured Veale possesses).

    And that’s enough for me!

  8. @Bandini , Bill Maloney returns to the documentary making world, wow, that’s me summer entertainment sorted, who needs the World Cup!!

    IIRC, there’s a Twitter account holder who shares Maloney’s family surname who claims that her deceased husband was abused by Heath.

    • Aye, her “hubby”:

      “Police interviewed the widow of Stephen Maloney, who was [?] a victim of sexual abuse during time spent in a notorious children’s home in south London, over claims Heath had also assaulted him on his yacht the Morning Cloud.

      Kim Maloney has also claimed her husband was abused by Jimmy Savile, the disgraced television presenter and one of Britain’s most prolific paedohpiles [sic].

      Mrs Maloney has posted on Twitter of helping Wiltshire’s Operation Conifer with its inquiries. In December, Mrs Maloney posted in response to a query from a friend over whether she had been in contact with Operation Conifer: “Been speaking to them for long time.”

      She has repeatedly tweeted the claims that Heath abused her husband such as: “My hubby went on so called sailing holidays to jersey… Lots abused.”

      On January 25 last year, she tweeted claims he had also been abused by Savile. She posted: “My hubby abused by savile heath and others still no justice.”

      At her home in Cardiff, Miss Maloney said: “He [Stephen] told me about the abuse about five years ago when we got together. He passed away four years ago and I felt it was my duty to go to the police. It all happened when Edward Heath took him on sailing holidays to Jersey.””

      HDLG, Savile, Heath, Morning Cloud – no wonder Bill’s fuming! The hubby is supposedly the twin brother of that sister who supposedly died under mysterious circumstances after Bill’s “documentary” about Jersey supposedly threatened the establishment, or summat; not so long ago he was accused of lying about her death – she was allegedly alive and well! – but not sure what became of this claim.

      • Maloney (as in, Bill ) slandered a former UK MP and a former Jersey Minister in one of his interviews with the Lou Collins radio programme . (Maloney incorrectly implied that Stuart Syvret was a minister during the time when abuses were being committed in Haut de la Garenne). I asked Syvret if he would like to do an interview with Lou Collins to correct the implication and set the record straight , he said he wasn’t interested as he considered Baloney a loose cannon.

      • “My hubby abused by savile heath and others still no justice.” Their dead-what sort of justice does she want?. Financial justice?.
        I’ve always thought Mike Veale needed to tread carefully. Pink cheeked, proud of his physique, just a tad too neat. A prime candidate for false accusations from which their is no return. And the nutters would believe it- hiding in plain sight.
        Witch Finders never seem to realize they usually end up in the flames as well.

      • Pretty fast work, to meet and to marry within a year, or less. Perhaps the “Miss Maloney” is the clue as to the reality of that.

        The conversation with the reporter was by Twitter DM, so Miss Maloney could really be a Mister for all we know.

        I wonder how Diana Maloney (born Lambeth 1958 and mother’s maiden name of Grainger) feels about her brother claiming most publicly that she is deceased.

      • Anon, I think Diana was born second quarter of 1959 rather than 1958. There appear to be mistakes in the register and other members of the clan (including Bill) have ‘Granger’ rather than ‘Grainger’ listed as mother’s maiden-name. For anyone wanting to untangle their web…

  9. From a recent article in The Times.

    “Sir Nicholas [Fairbairn] was a Tory MP for Kinross & Western Perthshire. Later, as Scotland’s second most senior prosecutor, he would have taken decisions on the prosecution of other sex offenders.”

    The expression “other sex offenders” carries the assumption that the allegations against him are true, but they were never tested in a court of law.

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