Wall of Silence: Exhibition Inspired by Leon Brittan Accuser Coming to Parliament

A news release:

We start 2018 with some fantastic news from our good friends at Southmead Project. Over the last couple of years, the charity has curated the Wall of Silence – a touring exhibition including images, poems and stories from victims and survivors of child abuse. The exhibition has travelled around the country – from City Hall London to the Avon and Somerset Police headquarters – and has played an vital role in raising awareness about child abuse and championing the services that organisations like Southmead Project provides in helping survivors.

The charity has confirmed that the exhibition will now spend a week in the Upper Waiting Hall at the Houses of Parliament, commencing on Monday 16 April…

Southmead’s Mike Pierce previously announced this in December, and he specifically thanked the Labour MP Sarah Champion for her assistance.

I noted the exhibition’s presence at the National Assembly of Wales during 2016. At that time, the exhibition blurb said that it was the inspiration of someone called Carl, who said that he had been “abused by some powerful people”. Although this was somewhat vague, anyone who looked at the Carl’s social media output (since deleted) would very quickly see that he was claiming to have been victimised by VIPs at Westminster, in particular the late Conservative former Home Secretary Leon Brittan.

The Southmead Project’s webpage on the subject used to include a link to a specific “Wall of Silence” website, which explained that

Carl is in recovery from child sexual abuse: his story is one of extreme terror, mental turmoil, heartbreak, sadness and fear. Like many survivors and victims, he wishes to do something positive about the situation – both for himself and others and so he launched RAVSCA (Raising Awareness for Victims & Survivors of Child Abuse) an on-line space where survivors and victims of abuse could share their experiences through photographs, poems, stories and paintings.

This link has since been removed and the website is dead; a RAVSCA Facebook page is also now gone. Google results for RAVSCA bring up old results from 2015 and 2016, the most prominent of which are fundraising pages created by Carl himself (here and here), abandoned having achieved only a percentage of the requested funds. Carl’s original vision was for “a photographic exhibition for National Association for People Abused in Childhood” before Southmead took charge – however, although he raised money on this basis, RAVSCA was never itself registered as a charity and Carl was anonymous and therefore unaccountable.

Does the disappearance of RAVSCA mean that Carl’s story is no longer part of the Wall of Silence, despite the fact that he was the original inspiration for it? If so, there needs to be a proper explanation for this. Carl made shocking allegations against Leon Brittan, and now his project is to be set up in the very location where Brittan worked and made his name as a national public figure. One might have thought this would be a matter of some controversy, especially given that several allegations made against Brittan shortly before his death have failed to be substantiated.

But perhaps we ought not to ask too many questions – when the journalist Sean O’Neill of The Times asked Pierce for more information about it, a third party (Esther Baker, an associate of the Labour MP Jess Phillips) immediately intervened to denounce O’Neill as the “king paedo-protector” and to caution Pierce not to reply.

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  1. A “prominent campaigner” who proudly boasts of having his own photograph appear in Dr Mike’s Travelling Sideshow recently provided yet another glimpse of the mental health of those behind it when a claim of Ted Heath not only having abused a 2 year old but having done so in the company of Margaret Thatcher was made and, of course, immediately accepted as being ‘totally true’.

    Having also been on the “steering commitee” of the Alan Collins / David Hencke-endorsed CSAPT BS, the Eton-educated eejit Chris Stacey piped up with another firecracker: Denis Thatcher was a paedo too! Is there anyone of prominence who wasn’t?!?

    Stacey rather worryingly enquires “did [Maggie] Thatcher remove her clothes?” Let’s hope he only wanted to know if her Satanic birthmark was visible or summat…

    Despite the deafening clang of alarm bells ringing – a “raptor type reptilian being”, a “non-physical hostile being”, child murders, devils, alters and implants – the noncesense is applauded by other “prominent campaigners” such as Anul Alun: “I believe you.”

    As the likes of Champion & Phillips well-up at the faces and stories peering back at them from “the Wall” they really ought to consider what lays behind it all & whether they’ll be so enthusiastic when it’s their turn to be anonymously accused.


  2. If ever there was a case for having school fees refunded, it’s Stacey’s.

    Is James Reeves on the Wall as well? They should rename it to The Wall of Charlatans and it beggars belief that Southmead not only continues to promote this tainted project, but has the lunacy to take it into Parliament.

  3. Totally off-topic, but, Bandini, the John Fante novels, are they any good?

    I’ve only heard of him because Bret Easton Ellis put a quotation from Fante’s ‘Ask the Dust’ in the foreword of one of his books.

    • It’s been a while since I read ’em, TDF. And as fiction they can’t really compete with raptor-type reptilian beings and naked Maggie Thatchers…
      (Avoid the film adaptations – truly dreadful!)

      • Ok, cheers.

      • TDF, I almost forgot and apologies if you’ve seen me mention it before, but a curiosity that almost nudges us back on topic:

        Fante’s creation was somewhat ‘rescued from obscurity’ (at least in the UK) by a publisher of interesting-but-obscure titles; with Exaro´s ‘paedo-panic’ in full swing the left-wing Scottish nationalist behind it remembered that he’d ‘outed’ Leon Brittan as a paedo as far back as 1992 and wondered why it had “taken 23 years for media to expose him”.

        Blimey, I thought, let’s have the details of this astonishing exposé… but our firebrand seemed to sputter a little, reluctant to give details. No wonder –
        said exposé had taken place within the pages of an obscure literary magazine (fanzine?) in the form of a poem!

        And there was more – Pete Wylie claimed to have done the same a full two years earlier – in a ‘list song’. Why had no one listened, he wahled?!? Perhaps because its listeners heard the following:

        “…myra hindley. acid rain. stinking rich female in furs. disloyal lover. wife & child beater. drunken abuser. racist. bully. the sun newspaper. aids inventor. leon
        brittan. all nonsense. massive massive oilslick. jimmy tarbuck. loneliness. cancer…”

        (Amusingly Wylie was later found guilty of making threatening ‘phone calls to his ex and her partner, thereby ending up on his own shit-list. An interesting article regarding the re-writing of history here:
        https://www.theguardian.com/music/musicblog/2008/nov/17/cavern-club-gary-glitter )



        Reminds me of the current campaign to destroy Woody Allen (before presumably erasing his work from history), Natalie Portman & Colin Firth the latest spineless cowards to capitulate based on nothing more than gossip, rumour and blind acceptance of a claim. Horrible people the lot of ’em.


  4. Off-topic again, I’m afraid, though may be of interest/amusement to some – former chief lunatic at Exaro, Mark Watts, has decided that the ‘recollections’ of what must surely be the UK’s most heroic ex-copper are worthy of being published on his ‘new’ site:


    Yay, it’s Geoff – or sometimes Dr Geoff – Platt again!
    (A bit on his astonishing career in the comments here:
    https://annaraccoon.com/2015/10/08/the-ring-cycle/#comment-133722 )

    ‘Tis good to see the calibre of those ex-coppers used to shore up those bullshit tales!

  5. @Bandini

    Would have replied earlier, but I became immersed in that thread from Suzanne’s blog, the comments on which have reduced me to paroxysms of laughter on an otherwise depressing and freezingly cold Saturday night (unfortunately, in the case of David’s contributions, the laughter is largely at rather than with him – one thinks of Terry Wogan’s interview with another David all those years’ ago).

    I was browsing an old thread on Outlaw’s blog a few days’ ago and noticed a comment where you’d explained the origins of the name you use online, and mentioned in passing about Kevin Williamson and Pete Wylie ‘revealing’ that they had each separately ‘outed’ Leon Brittan decades before the ‘MSM’, so that’s kind of what prompted the question.

    So, if I read those Wylie lyrics correctly, it turns out that Leon Brittan invented AIDS? What a fiend! I can only hope a crack team of top investigative journalists, led by Mark Watts and Don Hale, drop all their current projects and immediately commence an investigation into this sensational disclosure!

  6. Unbelievably foolhardy.

    Dr Mike Peirce MBE
    21h21 hours ago
    The Wall of Silence exhibition will go ahead in London late November. This decision of conference sponsors and organisers demonstrates their support for victims and survivors of child abuse and @SouthmeadPro efforts in trying to get much needed positive change to come about

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