Richie Allen and Liz Crokin Promote “Rampant” Jewish Paedophilia Conspiracy Theory

From Right Wing Watch (links in original):

Recently, [Liz] Crokin appeared on “The Richie Allen Show,” to discuss the current Hollywood sexual abuse scandals. After nearly an hour of attempting to avoid the host’s persistent efforts to link the scandals to Jews, Crokin eventually stopped resisting the anti-Semitic undercurrent of the discussion and found a way to link the death of [Seth] Rich to the supposed problem of “rampant” pedophilia within the Jewish community.

“Pedophilia is rampant within the Jewish religion, from what I’ve researched,” Crokin said… “Now, it is interesting how pedophilia has been exposed within the Catholic church but there hasn’t been a huge scandal about the pedophilia that goes on within the Jewish community. We do know that the Jews control most of the mainstream media and Hollywood, so you’re probably on to something with that.”

Crokin was responding to Allen’s suggestion that predatory behaviour in Hollywood  may have gone unreported for so long because those who knew about it were afraid of being accused of anti-Semitism if they spoke out. This inspired her to expound a theory that Seth Rich had been murdered because he had sent “the Podesta emails” (discussed by me here) to Wikileaks, and that he had been motivated to do so because he had been abused at Jewish-run camps, and because he’s from Omaha, home of the “Franklin scandal“.

Crokin has (or had) a career as a mainstream entertainment reporter; she has also herself been in the news, for accusing a former boyfriend of child sex abuse and causing her to suffer brain damage by infecting her with herpes. She seems to have moved into conspiracy theories (or become “woke”, her preferred term in conversation with Allen) last year. As summarised by RWW, she is

 convinced that members of the government and critics of President Trump are part of a massive pedophile ring that attempted to kill Rep. Steve Scalise and was responsible for the murder of Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich.

She also says that thousands of child-sex abusers have been rounded up on Trump’s orders, a claim I previously discussed here.

Crokin has previously written for TownhallHagmann Report and WND, and she has also appeared as a guest on various fringe media outlets: these include (as noted by RWW) “anointed speaker” Meri Crouley’s Now is the Time programme on Joseph Nassralla‘s The Cross TV station, and Dave Hodges’ The Common Sense Show. She first came to Richie Allen’s attention in May, when she claimed that Townhall had fired her for writing about VIP paedophiles.

The Richie Allen Show has had numerous American guests, and its audio podcasts on YouTube come with an announcer with an American accent and a visual title sequence featuring the late Jim Marrs. However, the show’s Irish host is based in the UK, and the programme is produced “in association with David Icke dot com”. Conspiracy-mongers from left and right are apparently equally welcome, although the vibe is more “left alternative” than right-wing fringe.

I discussed the show previously at the start of the year: individuals given a platform by Allen have included Erich von Däniken, who argues that the cultural productions of ancient civilizations were in fact created by aliens; the anti-vaccine activist Andrew WakefieldSabine McNeill, who recently helped to create a panic about a supposed baby-eating paedophile cult operating out of a church and school in north London; the self-proclaimed reincarnation of Jesus David Shayler; and the general purpose conspiracy theorists Michael Shrimpton, Christopher Monckton, and Tony Gosling.

Allen prefaced his suggestion about Weinstein to Crokin with a disavowal of anti-Semitism, stating that he does not “hate the Jews or anything like that”. However, like Icke, Allen believes in all-powerful “Rothschild Zionists” as an explanation for developments in world affairs (a concept I previously discussed here), and one episode of his show comes with the title “The Rothschilds and Their Subsidiaries Own Literally Everything On Planet Earth”. Marlon Solomon, who warns that we should regard Icke as sinister rather than risible, notes that Allen chose 27 January, which is Holocaust Memorial Day, to invite the Holocaust denier Nicholas Kollerstrom onto his programme.

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