Media Reports Highlight “the Christian Nationalist Alliance”

From Newsbusters, and syndicated to Charisma News:

Last weekend, a group of witches assembled their tarot cards, Trump photos and orange candle stubs and cast a “binding spell” over the president. After a long incantation, many concluded with “so mote it be,” while others simply said “you’re fired!”

…On February 24, the Christian Nationalist Alliance organized a Day of Prayer in response to the mass ritual. “We beseech all Christian soldiers,” wrote CNA’s April Lavalle, “to join us in praying for the strength of our nation, our elected representatives and for the souls of the lost who would take up Satanic arms against us.”

Newsbusters headed the article “Witches Brew #MagicResistance: Cast Spells Against Trump”, which Charisma News has changed to “Don’t Stop Praying: Witches’ #MagicResistance Against Trump Is Growing”.

Journalistic interest in story achieved a great deal free publicity for both the witches and their Christian opponents last week, with Rolling Stone referring to the Christian Nationalist Alliance as a “right-wing group”. However, details of this supposed group are scarce, and contrary to the above April Lavalle is not in fact associated with it: Lavelle is a journalist, and it seems that confusion has slipped in because she wrote an article on the subject for Some which was then screencaptured by a website associated with the Christian Nationalist Alliance. Lavelle actually enthused over the witches’ plan, offering a guide on “how to cast a spell on Donald Trump”.

The public face of the CNA is a certain Kevin Ambrose, who set up his Twitter account in February; there is also a Twitter account in the name of the CNA, and websites called Christian Nationalism and the Christian Nationalist Alliance were registered via a privacy service in January. The former site carries articles by Ambrose, while the latter consists of the CNA logo and a promise of content “coming soon”.

Julia Reinstein of Buzzfeed reached out to Ambrose on Twitter ahead of her own article about the witches’ Trump protest, but was rebuffed because the CNA “has no time for #fakenews”; however, Ambrose did provide one quote for the media, explaining that

“This instance stands out to me because they are attempting to enlist the aid of non-religious liberals. 

“These people, mostly young, who may be riled up by the non-stop media attacks on President Trump are a fertile recruiting ground for Satanic groups.”

According to the Christian Nationalism website, the CNA is “a for-profit entity that is the definitive voice on Christian Nationalism in the United States”. Those who sign up will receive a journal, an email address, preferred caller access to a podcast, and “premium access to the American Prayer Network project”. It describes itself as “anti-Islam” and “anti-communist”, and its positions emphasize capitalism, the right to bear arms, and the importance of Christianity in public life. On Twitter, Ambrose has referred to dominion theology, citing the Christian Reconstructionist George Grant. Ambrose also says that the CNA “stands with” the Front National, and he enthuses over Marion Le Pen in particular as “a modern day Joan of Arc”.

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  1. There are few things more stupid and naive than a crusading ‘Wiccan’. In 1988 when the fundies began to try to posit the turn of the century being the date for Armageddon, the Satanic Ritual Abuse Myth was created by them to justify constant attacks on the New Age alternative world-view which had established itself after the moral revolution of the 1960s and 1970s.

    Although the SAFF proved almost instantly that SRA was a lie it was accepted by the majority of nominal Christians due to previous indoctrinations by Xist society. Today MILLIONS believe in that lie and would go to war and kill others because of it. It has ruined the lives of tens of thousands of innocent people and killed a good few many into the bargain.

    When the British Media (printed and broadcast) jumped on the SRA bandwagon to promote the lies in 1990, and opportunistic politicians (not having any Witch voters in their constituency) made it open season on people of non-Christian beliefs; and the previously trusted child-protection charities (such as the NSPCC) lied to defame the religion of paganism, emotions were at a fever pitch and neo-pagans (who are by and large kindly and naive folk – see The Occult Census statistical survey here: )

    became abjectly frustrated at being accused without being given an opportunity to reply to the heinous false allegations. Some self-styled leaders in the ‘Wiccan’ community took independent action.

    One of these was Barbara Brandolani, a Manchester Witch. She tried to purchase an old disused Methodist church in a small Pennine town in 1988 to turn it into a Witchcraft Temple. This stupid unthinking provocation created nationwide publicity ‘as if to prove’ everything that the fundies who had started the lies had said.

    The ‘threat’ of a tumble-down Christian building which had been ignored by them for decades being used as a workroom for a growing ‘epidemic’ of witchcraft was too much for any true Xist to bear and so local Christians set up a fund and complained to the estate agent who immediately capitulated and refused to sell to Brandolani. Within weeks they had enough money to purchase the old building. I think it’s still rotting away as we speak. The impact all this had on the SRA myth was immense and played right into the hands of fundie agent-provocateurs.

    At the time this situation was brewing the SAFF wrote personally to Barbara Brandolani when they got wind of her provocative intention. We wrote to warn her of the repercussions but like all egotists she responded without thinking of the long term situation and refused to cooperate – thus, AS IS USUAL, some esotericist’s stupidity becomes enshrined as ‘proof’ of the lies put out by fundamentalist agent-provocateurs.

    ‘Wiccans’ like most religionists are generally full of moral self-righteousness and often make naive mistakes like this, as can be seen from the Binding Spell on Trump escapade in the main body of your article. Any inconsequential and inexperienced Wiccan ‘leader’ can start these pogroms at the drop of a hat and without exception their mistakes are exaggerated and posited as ‘speaking for the entire Wiccan movement’ by fundies who can then, as your CNA did, capitalise on it to rally the Christian rank and file to action against the human rights of non-Christians.

    In effect all Wiccan and Witchcraft groups are cellular. Although many network between themselves today the STRUCTURE of witchcraft has been autonomous and cellular for hundreds of years. Each coven is it’s own arbiter and acts independently of the rest. The actions of one coven do not represent and are very often not supported by other covens elsewhere. The media when reporting the Trump Binding Spell ignored this fact and posited Witches as campaigning against the Christian Right ‘en masse’.

    How prevalent is magical interference in realpolitick?

    Rare. My research shows that it is very rare indeed. In 1980 there was one good example. The Leeds Esoteric Bookstore called The Sorcerer’s Apprentice which had 70,000 clients worldwide arranged a combined spell to catch the Yorkshire Ripper who the police had been pursuing but unable to catch since 1975. A clique of regular customers from all esoteric persuasions used to attend a ‘Tea Room’ attached to the shop every Saturday. The Ripper struck again in August, September and November. One saturday in December some of the girls revealed their fears about being the Ripper’s next victim and that the police had proven themselves ineffective. The communal decision of everyone present was to work magic to assist the police to get him.

    On 2 January 1981, Sutcliffe was stopped by the police with 24-year-old prostitute Olivia Reivers in the driveway of Light Trades House in Melbourne Avenue, Broomhill, Sheffield. Although this was a random stop one plucky copper spotted a hammer (the Ripper’s weapon of choice) in the car and put two and two together. This one spectacular insight captured the Yorkshire Ripper after years of expensive investigation. Whether it was a coincidence or not is irrelevant. Many witches and esotericsts who are still alive were involved in this ‘spell’ and all testify to it happening and believe it worked.

    For the next example we must now move back to 1940.
    Britain stood alone in Europe against the successes of the Nazi jackboot. The U.S. was not yet in the war and following Dunkirk the British army was outnumbered and out-resourced. Standing on the Cape Gris of France Hitler surveyed the White Cliffs of Dover and the whole world waited with impending dread for the invasion of Britain, which the Nazis had codenamed Operation Sealion.

    Hitler had Britain at his mercy but then a strange thing happened. He turned away from the Channel and instead began his move on Russia, a fatal decision which eventually brought the downfall of Germany.

    War historians, even with the hindsight of secret documents and private correspondence have never found the reason why Hitler chose not to invade Britain at that time.

    However, in occult history there is an explanation. In the weeks before Sea-Lion was expected an ancient coven of hereditary old-style (i.e. non-Wiccan) witches in the New Forest secretly met up with witches from other covens to work a binding spell on Hitler.

    This was a unique departure because normally Witches kept well out of any political activity – their understanding of karma and cosmic laws and the runes of the craft itself forbade such magic. The story goes that one member of the coven actually died during that rite which they held had saved Britain from invasion and destruction.

    The point I am trying to make is not that the New Forest Coven’s spell was successful (though nobody else has come up with any other convincing reason why Hitler stopped dead at the Channel) but that the idea of working a POLITICAL spell just once in those extenuating circumstances was the exception rather than the rule.

    However ever since ‘Wicca’ ( a Catholic strain of Neo-Paganism) was invented in the 1970s the spell against Operation Sealion has become common knowledge within Witchcraft communities world-wide.

    Hence the stupid people who tried to put a ‘binding’ spell on Trump are simply parroting a meme set for them in much earlier and far more urgent times.

    They say that ‘immitation is the best form of flattery’ but in fact what it shows is the intellectual plagiarism and bankrupt originality of many foolish people who’ve invaded the ‘Wiccan’ communities in the West.

    Theses ignoramuses have again given the Christian War-Wagon an extra push

    “By the pricking of my thumbs something evil this way comes. ”

    John Freedom

  2. Sodom unto its complacency is the underlying factor to the “Mark of the Beast” coupled financially to effect ones daily bread . Nationally indicated by the imposing of trade embargo/sanctions notoriously by the West/America on other , particularily against Russia, & at its root is spiritually ‘Sodom” for the Spirit speaks the truth.
    Historically, in the modern times where Russia defeated Napoleon(whose god is freemasonry) & Hitler(whose goddess is Theosophy). Freemasonry principled in Theosophy , come in their vengenance through the war/whore Mongers against Russia by the West/America in the depth of Sodom.
    Incidentally Zechariah 5 reveals Freemasony & Theosophy as its first & second part resp. The two “Lamb Like” horns combined to form the second beast of revelations , even the Biblical false Prophet.
    For the Soul life is not going to be one but two , one of which will go the Way of Evolution (holy cow) stuck to continue in time to the millions , billions & endless eyes, in short “Enslaved” in time. Whereas the other move by God, in the way of the Spirit to “Liberty” , not constrained in time.

  3. According to this article there were witches/Wiccans for and against Trump, and Christians likewise for and against Trump.

    But I am reminded of something said by B.J. Vorster (Prime Minister of South Africa, 1966-78) in 1942:

    “We stand for Christian Nationalism, which is an ally of National Socialism. You can call the anti-democratic system dictatorship if you like. In Italy it is called Fascism, in Germany National Socialism, and in South Africa Christian Nationalism.”

    I wonder if there is a South African connection in this movement.

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