Theodore Shoebat Introduces Another Friend

Shoebat Foundation website publishes praise of masked attack on migrants in Sweden

From Right Wing Watch:

Yesterday, radical right-wing activist Theodore Shoebat posted an extended discussion he recently had with fellow contributor Andrew Bieszad about their belief that “all of the evils that we are seeing around the world can find its origin in anti-Catholicism.”

Given Shoebat’s extreme hatred of gays, it was not long before the conversation turned toward exposing the ways that “the sodomite agenda wants to colonize the whole world through the U.S. government,” with Shoebat declaring that gays in New Orleans routinely rape and murder young boys during the annual Southern Decadence event while the local police do nothing about it.

…None of this came as a surprise to Bieszad, who declared that New Orleans “really is an American Sodom and I don’t think it’s an accident that Hurricane Katrina hit there back in 2005.”

Shoebat Jnr is something of an attention-seeking monomaniac, whose rants would probably not be worth noting were it not for the fact that his father, Walid Shoebat, has built up a media profile as a supposed expert on the evils of Muslims and on the place of Muslims in Biblical prophecy, and that the Shoebat Foundation website is also T. Shoebat’s primary outlet. (1)

The website also carries items by T. Shoebat’s friends; I recently noted the presence of a certain Thomas King, who has a particular affinity with Eastern Orthodox Christianity, and whose piety has inspired him on write on T. Shoebat’s Facebook page about “the Muslim assholes and leftist liberal cunts and their Protestant ass kissing allies”. Beiszad’s own contributions to the Shoebat Foundation website include a piece in which he praises masked Swedish “patriots” for attacking immigrants (styled as “Muslim invaders”, although reported in the Daily Mail, the source he uses, as “children”) in central Stockholm.

Beiszad is proficient in Arabic, and he has an MA in Islamic Studies from Hartford Seminary; according to a 2013 profile in the National Posthe claims that “conversion to Islam was encouraged” during his course, and that he was threatened by Muslim students for expressing his opposition to Islam. His thesis was on Pseudo-?Wa?qidi?, a medieval writer who took the name of a seventh-century author.

Beiszad is also the author of a book, called The Lions of Faith: Saints, Blesseds, and Heroes of the Catholic Faith in the Struggle With Islam, which was commended by William Kilpatrick in the Catholic World ReportThe book was published by Lux Orbis Press, which was Beiszad’s own venture, and which has now disappeared from the internet.

An archived version of the Lux Orbis website, though, shows that Beiszad was particularly keen to showcase an endorsement by Steve Klein, a militia leader in California with links to The church at Kaweah.” Klein enthused:

You will learn the TRUE battles of the Faithful, in deadly combat against Islam to save their families. I say, buy the book – and let’s get the battle raging – for God, for Family, for those who truly love LIBERTY.

But if T. Shoebat and Beiszad are truly in agreement that “all of the evils that we are seeing around the world can find its origin in anti-Catholicism”, perhaps the fight needs to start nearer to home. Before he was famous, anti-Catholicism was actually an element of Walid Shoebat’s fundamentalism. As far as I am aware, he has never repudiated his writings from this period.


(1) Update: I appear to have understated T. Shoebat’s significance there; Right Wing Watch notes he “was featured alongside several congressmen and GOP presidential candidates in an anti-gay ‘documentary’ produced by Janet Porter, who now just so happens to be running for a seat in the Ohio legislature.”

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