Robert Spencer Misleads on Muslims at Place de la République

From Robert Spencer’s Jihad Watch:

France: Only 30 Muslims show up for rally against Paris jihad attacks

That’s thirty Muslims out of around five million Muslims in France.

Spencer’s source is the Daily Mail, although the quote he provides doesn’t support the spin he’s put on the above:

As crowds continued to gather at the Place de la République last night, laying flowers and lighting candles in memory of the dead, a group French Muslims held up banners and started to chant.

‘Unite against brutality, unite for humanity!’ They shouted. ‘Killing any human is killing all mankind! Saving any human is saving all mankind!’

Around 30 Muslims, all of Bangladeshi origin and living in Paris, felt they had to take a stand against Islamic extremism because – as they saw it – few other Muslims were willing to raise their voices.

In order words, there was no “rally” – the “crowds” consisted of individuals who were present at the Place de la République for informal commemoration, and one particular Muslim group (consisting of the “World Sunni Party” and the “World Humanity Revolution Party“, according to its banner) decided to make an organised statement, which was noticed by a journalist. That’s it.

To extrapolate from that to the supposed contrasting attitude of “five million Muslims in France” is dishonest. Nobody knows how many French Muslims have so far visited the Place de la République in the wake of the massacre, although footage and pictures showing other identifiable Muslims present (some holding home-made banners) is easy enough to find.

Apparently there will be an organised rally on Friday, and Dalil Boubakeur, rector of the Great Mosque of Paris, has called on Muslims to take part.

When your hate-mongering can be debunked by careful reading of the Daily Mail, it’s time to take stock.

Spencer’s misrepresentation has been picked up Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit as “Only 30 Paris Muslims Protest ISIS Attacks”, which in turn is being promoted by WND. Hoft, of course, is famously “The Stupidest Man on the Internet” – but what’s Spencer’s excuse?

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