WND Claims Jonathan Cahn Speech Was “Suppressed”

Hints of something sinister afoot, from WorldNetDaily:

Suppressed, deleted, removed from Net – now unedited version back

It was delivered by Jonathan Cahn, author of the best-selling book “The Harbinger,” Jan. 21, 2013, the morning of Barack Obama’s second presidential inauguration, at the Presidential Inaugural Prayer Breakfast. The unofficial gathering, which included members of Congress, government leaders and Christian ministers, took place just one hour before Obama took the oath of the presidency…

I blogged on the event here, drawing on an eyewitness report from RightWingWatch; the line-up included a pastor who regularly prays for Obama’s death, and WND‘s birther conspiracy-theorist publisher Joseph Farah sent a message. Cahn is the author of a best-selling  paperback explaining how God allowed 9/11 to occur because the USA is under God’s judgment and headed for disaster, and this was why he was given centre stage.

Cahn’s speech was taped and posted on-line; however:

 Thousands of viewers began noticing that as they tried to repost it and send it to others, the links to the speech were going dead. Confusion and speculation spread through social media.

WND even received threats for trying to air it.

“I wasn’t surprised by what happened,” says Cahn. “Whenever God is moving, there will always be resistance, and that resistance will be commensurate to the degree of His moving.”

…But through a series of legal actions, the entire speech has now been freed up for release.

But what kind of threats? From whom? What kind of “legal actions”? The headline – and the quote from Cahn – intimates dirty tricks by ideological opponents; but if so, why doesn’t WND name names? A Charisma report about Cahn’s speech from February also has a passing reference to “some suppression on the Internet”, but is equally mysterious about what that actually means.

My suspicion is that WND is being coy because the “suppression” actually refers to a worldly copyright dispute between parties who should be religious and political allies. The speech was posted to YouTube by Cahn’s “Hope of the World” outfit (Tagline: “An End-Time Ministry for an End-Time World”) on 4 February with the following notice:

We are officially re-releasing Jonathan Cahn’s Message to America. We at Hope of the World have confirmed that we have the proper legal rights to distribute this video online. Please feel free to copy.

The video begins with a short intro that also appears in the version embedded in the new WND story; but there is an earlier version, posted in January to a number of YouTube channels, which begins with a different intro screen and includes a banner identifying the “Presidential Inaugural Prayer Breakfast” as the event just before the end. One wonders if Cahn and the event organisers had different views on who owns the copyright to the recording of Cahn’s speech. What else could WND‘s reference to “freed up for release” mean?

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