Evangelist Taken In Adultery Reminds People Not to Judge

A Bible lesson, from evangelist Sam Hinn (Benny Hinn’s less famous brother, apparently) and posted on Facebook:

An adulterous woman was thrown at Jesus’ feet. She knew the punishment for her was public stony [sic]. The fact that she was caught in the very act only heightened the shame and intensified her fear of a painful death. 

Her accusers stood with confidence because the law of God supported their position. They held the stones that would soon take her life while, she waited for them to display their outrage for her complete disregard of God standard of holiness. 

Then the MASTER began to write in the sand. We don’t know what he wrote. All we know is that the atmosphere created by the writings of the “grace giver” completely disarmed her accusers. They fled as the grace of God drove away the judgments of men as quickly as light displaces the darkness. Grace is superior.

Might there be some special reason as to why Hinn chose last Sunday to dwell on this particular Bible story? Aha – from Charisma News:

After a four-year affair and an eight-month restoration process, Sam Hinn, the brother of evangelist Benny Hinn, was re-ordained into the ministry on Sunday night at Bishop Mark Chironna’s Church on the Living Edge.

But not everyone is impressed by the speed with which Hinn has recovered from his “off-brand” (to borrow a currently-popular contemporary usage) behaviour:

“I have to confess that when I heard about the plans to re-ordain Sam, I was upset. I told one of my ministry colleagues, ‘This is a joke and makes a mockery out of everything I hold dear and have spent my life proclaiming and upholding,'” wrote Pastor Ron Johnson, who was charged with overseeing Hinn’s restoration process.

“I outlined a two-year plan of restoration and walked through the initial stages with him. But after three months, Sam wanted to renegotiate the terms. When I wouldn’t agree to that, he withdrew from my covering and has since found a group of men willing to endorse his leadership in a more expeditious manner.”

According to Hinn, again on Facebook (links added):

These are my heroes of restoration. These are the men that brought me back to life– Bishop Lonnie Langston, Dr. Joel Hunter, Dr. Mark Chironna, Bishop Decker Tapscott and Dr. Dwight Bain!

Hinn describes Bain as his “covenant friend and Life-Coach”. Also on board are “Bishop Joseph and Pastor Barbara Garlington”.

There are also photos of Hinn’s restoration ceremomy, which included him being wrapped in a Jewish prayer shawl.