Judith Reisman Warns of “Toxic Social Contagion” in the Philippines

Back in December (as I blogged here), Judith Reisman came to the UK to speak at the SPUC’s “Sex Education as Sexual Sabotage meeting; according to SPUC’s website,

MP for North-East Somerset, Jacob Rees-Mogg, said the meeting was “terrifically important. SPUC’s work is of overwhelming importance for our society”.

…Following the Conference, Jonathan Evans, MP for Cardiff North, and Andrea Leadsom, MP for South Northamptonshire, joined parents in delivering to the Department of Education a 47,000-signature petition to Michael Gove, the Education Secretary, calling for “sex DVDs” to be banned from the country’s primary schools. (1)

Reisman also spoke in Ireland and in Italy, where she addressed the Alliance of the Holy Family International.

Then in February, she made her way to the Philippines, to give speeches organised by the Two Hearts Media Organization. A Philippines-based blogger named Resty S. Odon went along, and took some notes. Take a deep breath:

…only three hours and we hear sexual, media, political, legislative, cultural, social, religious, and spiritual matters. Where else can anyone hear keywords such as Kinsey, Baal, Nazism, homosexuality, Catholic seminaries, Bible Christian preachers,devil-worship, pornography, Islamic terrorism, pedophilia, pederasty, United Nations, Freemasonry, Rockefeller Foundation, Guttmacher Institute, sex education, papal bulls/encyclicals, abortion, birth control, Marian apparitions, end times, etc., all the sacred and the extremely profane assembling together under one tent? Nowhere else but in prolife talks such as this. 

Reisman is known particularly for her obsession with Alfred Kinsey; as is often the case with social conservatives, wide-ranging changes in society are laid at the door of a malign authority-figure. Odon has a photo of a flesh-creeping poster for the meeting:

More than 50 years ago, a TOXIC SOCIAL CONTAGION was unleashed by a man hailed by the world of science & education as the “FATHER OF SEXUAL REVOLUTION”

Dr. Alfred Kinsey

COME & LEARN how Kinsey’s flawed conclusions on sexuality have unleased the horrors of our present society!

From PORNOGRAPHY to PEDOPHILIA to a global acceptance of all kinds of sexual perversity

To make sure the point is fully understood, Kinsey’s face and the cover of the Kinsey Report are shown juxtaposed to a uniformed Nazi standing next to a schoolgirl.

According to further notes taken by Odon, Reisman’s talk and materials sold there included notice of “the depiction of Baal in the US dollar bill and in the United Nations seal”, and the claim that “Lady Gaga is the most recent incarnation of Baal worship”. Kinsey is morally responsible for kinds of sexual license since 1948, including “an academic pedophile lobby in Wales”. Oddly, given that Reisman is Jewish, Odon claims that Reisman’s talk included a reference to a prediction of “cultural contagion” made at Fatima in 1917.

Reisman was followed by Fr Edgardo ‘Bing’ Arellano, who gave “a call on the audience to action”; according to a quote noted by Oday:

“It’s hard to cure sex addiction because, according to an exorcist, the devil said there are three kinds of demons in sex addiction lust: iuccubus, which invites the person to masturbate; succubus, which invites the person to rape; and osmodeus, which invites the person to murder.”

Reisman’s visit to the Philippines was in opposition to a proposed Reproductive Health Bill. Afterwards, she was interviewed by Michael Coren on his Arena TV show (I previously discussed Coren here).

Miss Poppy Dixon has a nice profile of Reisman here.


(1) One MP missing from the SPUC event was Nadine Dorries, despite being the highest-profile MP to seek more restrictive abortion laws. The SPUC regards Dorries’ proposed reforms as inadequate; Dorries, for her part, regards the SPUC’s John Smeaton as “shameful and cowardly.”

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