Harry Cole Withholds Evidence of Harassment against Tim Ireland Out of Spite

“Harry Cole” is young conservative activist who edits a couple of websites and who appears in the media as a pundit from time to time. Yesterday, he used Twitter to make an accusation against Tim Ireland:

 …he tried to get us to run fake evidence of his madness. Deeply odd. (1)

…anyone with a basic grasp of photoshop could see it was knocked up (2)

…I was emailed photos purporting to be of his medication…(3)

…I was then informed by a reliable source that they were fake and that it was an attempted sting by non-other than @bloggerheads (4)

Cole was indeed sent a photo purporting to be of medication, but not from Tim. As Tim explains:

In January 2010, during a police investigation that resulted from Dorries’ complaint/’report, some fabricated evidence emerged. It was quite damaging stuff. The anonymous originator claimed to have fished it out of my bin; a box of prescription medication made out to me (specifically a powerful anti-psychotic drug). Bedfordshire Police investigated its origins until they hit a dead end.


Police were advised of the following by a medical professional they interviewed as part of their investigation, and I was present when it was said; the medication involved is a carefully controlled substance to the extent that you cannot pick up even an empty box like it by digging through bins at the back of Boots; the original picture that was used for this forgery was most likely accessed by someone who had been prescribed this medication, or enjoyed a position of trust with someone who had been prescribed this medication.

Quite reasonably, Tim asked Cole for the email’s metadata – the person who created this picture has elsewhere referenced Tim’s family, and he may be dangerous. Cole’s response:

Here is my formal response @bloggerheads. In the name of openness and transparency I will do it publicly: “Go fuck yourself” (5)

Tim pointed out that this amounted to “protecting a bastard who has been targeting my wife and family”; Cole’s reaction was to pretend that Tim had accused him of this, and to declare that “you can shove your allegations up your arse”.

The Blog that Peter Wrote has further discussion here. Cole has contributed to the comments; he continues to pretend that Tim had accused him of threatening his family, and – having begun the whole row with his bogus “sting” allegation – he now complains that

Ireland is deluded with his giant conspiratorial web, that I’m frankly bored of being slightly tangled in. 

I think all reasonable people will be repelled by such a display of childish spite. It’s also sad to see someone who has so obviously had his integrity and empathy corroded by his older role models: his day job is working for Paul Staines, and last year he and Staines smeared a disabled woman as a benefits cheat at the behest of Nadine Dorries MP.