EDL Jewish Division Promotes “Satan’s Face in Dome of the Rock” Claim

Here’s an interesting one:

l blogged on the EDL “Jewish Division” here.

The video has not been created by the EDL – it’s actually been on the internet for several years, and it explains how Michael Cravatt, a “retired engineer and a devout Christian” spotted the image while on a visit to Jerusalem. The video goes on to explain that he found the same picture on a website, although he couldn’t find any information about it.

One American Christian blogger visited the same site last year, and his guide (unspecified whether Israeli or American) drew attention to the feature. He tells us that:

…It was clear that our tour guide deeply resents this entire thing. The Jews discount the Muslim story [of the Night Journey] as a blatant attempt to intrude upon their holy site with the goal of simply being a thorn in their collective side.

…One other interesting thing was that there were natural markings in the marble from which the Dome of the Rock itself was built… Our tour guide sees a demon and pointed it out to us. I guess a bunch of others do to. You be the judge.

Actually, I see Z from Antz.

Meanwhile, this site claims to have found a second demonic image:

It does not look as devilish as the first image, but it looks evil too. Perhaps this one symbolises the beast or the false prophet spoken of in Revelation 20:10. Or, both images can represent the beast and the false prophet respectively.

Incidentally, whoever made the video appears not to know the difference between the dome on the Holy Sepulchre and the Dome of the Rock, or that when Jerusalem came under Christian control the Temple Mount area was not actually considered sacred. Instead, it was left desolate as a sign of God’s curse, and Jerome described it as being a “dungheap”.

Back in September, the Sun reported that a family in Budapest was “terrified” after “an image of Satan appeared overnight — in a bath tile”.