Mosquewatch Agonistes

Oh dear – a British “psychedelic rock” musician named Joe Chapman (of “Spiral 25”, apparently) had better watch out:

mississippimud2007 said…Tell that bum joe chapman i’m after him and will destroy him. He’s pissed off the wrong American. I want the bastard on video if he has the testicles to do so. If the bastard wants war with me, he gets it. I don’t back down.

“Mississippimud2007” has featured on this blog previously; he is Jeff Davis, an American accountant who considers himself to be some kind of “counter-jihad” warrior. A few months ago he took aim at me for dissing Walid Shoebat and Pastor J. Grant Swank; the Swanksta’s sermons are reposted on Davis’s Mosquewatch website along with contributions from Shoebat’s son and others. He also uses the pseudonym “AmericanBNP”, expressing his support for the anti-Muslim views of the British far-right.

Davis’s wrath has been provoked by Mosquewatch‘s inclusion on a list of far-right websites on Chapman’s own site which have been labelled thus:

Fascist/Nazi/White Nationalist/”Patriot” web sites:
WARNING! – Most of these web sites contain some extremely offensive, racist or just plain nasty language and views. I recommend taking a long bath after visiting them because they tend to leave anyone who has the most basic of human qualities feeling dirty and not in a good way!

Davis complains:

British psychedelic rock musician, Joe Chapman on his site puts my site in with storm front ( A white racist group ) I’m not pleased. Joe Chapman, stand up and show me your face.

A short video follows, in which he denies having any racial prejudice (he “hates” Stormfront) and – as ever – he challenges his opponent to continue the argument by making a video himself; failure to do so will of course be an admission that Davis has won!

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  1. There is a pattern emerging, it is easier for the imbecilic to be racists, as their mental powers are not vigourous enough to resist the simple charms of bigotry.

    Debating with a racist recently, I noticed how loath they were to accept the title racist and wanted their prejudiced cake and to eat it.

  2. Could someone explain why FaithFreedom Internatonal is on the list of hate sites from Joe Chapman

    As far as I understand the site is run by ex-muslims and has nothing in common with the BNP or fascist organisations, I am not saying I agree with everything faith freedom says, but to catogarize them as a hate site is plain wrong

    • Faith Freedom International is on the list of hate sites because I went on there and found it to be full of people calling me a “Dhimmi” and the like. Same with Mosquewatch, check this out from Wikipedia:

      “FFI was founded by an Iranian ex-non practicing Muslim residing in Canada, going by the pseudonym of ‘Ali Sina.’ Ali Sina claims ‘The idea that Islam can be reformed is a fallacy,’ he scoffs. ‘It’s like saying we can reform Nazism and it will be a wonderful party.'”

      It’s pretty clear from the words of the founder of Faith Freedom Internation that he considers Islam to be essentially wrong and that it will always be wrong, plus the fact that he compares Islam with Nazism indicates that he’d probably rather wipe Islam off the face of the earth.

  3. Here is a link with a wiki article on faith freedom internaional

    hadly a bnp or stormfront type site

  4. At any given time, tell me what race I am against. It is that simple.

    Please ask Bob Parks if I’m a racist. He’s a black man, owns his own site. He lets me post videos. Are you saying Bob Parks is a stupid black man ?


    Ball is in your court.

    • “Please ask Bob Parks if I’m a racist. He’s a black man, owns his own site. He lets me post videos. Are you saying Bob Parks is a stupid black man ?”

      Are you suggesting that black men can’t be racist then?! :)

      In anycase, you know perfectly well that you get around the ‘racism’ issue by targeting Islam, which is a religion and not a race and so therefore not technically racist. You then hide behind a disclaimer where you claim you are not against all Muslims yet practically everything you write or say on your funny videos indicates that you do indeed hate all Muslims. Plus the fact that you are apparently friends with Green Arrow and The BNP, the fact that you used the name “AmericanBNP” also indicates that you are in it up to your neck.

  5. Who cares what colour Bob Parks is, anyone can be a bigot.

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