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Tradition, Family and Property Back in the News

An attack on same-sex marriage in California from the Roman Catholic organisation Tradition, Family and Property has brought the organisation back into the public eye. As in the past, TFP has used newspaper advertisements to get its point across. Bill Berkowitz notes:

In the press release announcing the ads, TFP director Preston Noell hit a handful of Christian conservative talking points: “Mainstream America is understandably upset about same-sex ‘marriage,'” it said. “It is a grave offense against God and undermines 2,000 years of Christian morality. Same-sex ‘marriage’ threatens the social stability of our nation and future.”

Noell pointed out that “there’s a battle going on for America’s soul. At the root of this conflict lies a profound divergence of worldviews. The Christian worldview is anchored in reality, whereas secularism does not respect reality’s constraints.”

I’ve blogged on TFP a couple of times before now: as part of the US New Right “RAMBO Coalition” in the 1980s it supported causes such as South Africa, and in the UK it had links with the Conservative Monday Club. In 2006 there was also an association with an Italian conference on the Crusades that had a revisionist agenda. A good general introduction to TFP is provided by Bill Berkowitz on Talk to Action.