Apocalyptic New Year Greetings

…from Dr* Alfred Adams:

Therefore we know, without setting dates, that the Lord’s coming is near at hand, and now is the time to get right with God. The year 2007 falls 40 years after the recapture of Jerusalem, in the 1967 Six Day war. Forty years in Scripture represents the length of a generation

…The year 2007 should see the ratification of the European Constitution, fulfilling Scripture, creating the role of a EU President and Foreign Minister, or the “prince” of the people of Rome (Daniel 9:26)…Iran is expected to possess enough enriched Uranium to produce a nuclear weapon by around 2009-2010 (also here), if not by 2007, with knowledge on how to build a bomb already obtained on the black market…The European Union hopes to have its Battle Groups concept, similar to the idea of the old Roman Legions, up and running by 2007…

Etc, etc…and particularly weirdly:

EU Action Plan agreed on improving animal welfare within the European Union, for the period 2006-2010. Could the renewal of this document be the one that causes the sacrifice and oblation to cease, halfway through the Antichrist’s reign? (Daniel 9:27)

UPDATE: The AP reports on a poll which asked “people in the U.S. to contemplate what 2007 holds for the country”:

25 percent anticipate the second coming of Jesus Christ.


*”Recipient of the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Ministry from Cornerstone Christian College based in Lafayette, Louisiana, for the speaking [sic] and sales of the book Nearing Midnight”.

(Pic via Radosh)

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