Ex-Muslim Evangelist Backs Tancredo’s “Bomb Mecca” Call

Agape Press carries a report that ex-Muslim evangelist W.L. Cati has admonished Tom Tancredo for backing down from his recent call to bomb Muslim holy sites following any Muslim nuclear terrorism in the USA:

“You don’t backtrack,” Cati says. “If you’ve got guts enough to say it, then you have to stand by it.” According to the former Muslim, destroying Muslim symbols is an effective way to deliver a message. “According to Islam, the only possible way they could ever get into heaven, or paradise, would be through death,” she says.

Erm…whereas Christians believe…?

“So if you go and bomb a bunch of Muslims, you just sent them — according to them — straight to heaven, because they died in jihad for the cause of Allah.” But Islam’s religious artifacts or “holy sites” are more precious to Muslims than human life, she explains — which is why destruction of those sites would be an effective response.

So if the US nukes Mecca and Medina (and that appears to be the bombing Tancredo is imagining), it’ll be because Muslims don’t value human lives. In contrast, Tancredo and Cati care deeply about the 2 million human beings who actually live in those cities.

Meanwhile, the BBC carries a report on the “hibakusha”, survivors of the atomic bombs that fell on Japan almost exactly sixty years ago:

“The other day I saw on television that talks on the non-proliferation treaty had broken down,” said Ms Kayashige [who is one of the hibakusha].

“It made me think that is partly because of the hibakusha’s negligence. We haven’t said enough to let the world know about the reality of the atomic bomb, especially in the United States. The US has the information but ordinary people don’t know enough about it.”


W.L. Cati’s story is an interesting one: she’s from Texas, and converted to Islam following marriage to a Muslim and exposure to the works of Muslim apologist Ahmed Deedat. Later came conversion to Charismatic Christianity, divorce, and the establishment of Zennah Ministries, Inc, “a Christian organization founded to minister to women who are influenced by Muslims”. “WL Cati” is a pen name, representing the phrase “With Love Christians Announcing Truth to Islam”; back in 1984, as Katrina White, she became Mrs Alabama. In April Agape profiled her work leading Christian groups into American mosques.

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  1. I’d love to see her take her “message” to a Saudi or Pakastani mosque!!

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