Vice Versa

From the Jewish Telegraphic Agency:

A Palestinian youth who converted to Judaism reportedly enlisted in the Israeli military.

Amnon Yitzhak-Shachar, who was born Ayman Abu-Zubuch in the Gaza Strip town of Khan Younis, reported to Israel’s main draft office last week and was mobilized, Ma’ariv said Sunday. According to the newspaper, Yitzhak-Shachar would not mind serving in a combat unit and fight his former compatriots in Gaza.

Meanwhile, the AFP reports from Hebron:

With his tattoo of the Star of David hidden from view, Mohammed Al Mahadi prays to Allah in his new West Bank home near the radical Jewish settlement where he spent much of the last decade.

…The man then known as Mikhail Shirovsky moved to Israel soon after the Soviet authorities allowed Jews to emigrate in the 1980s…But an unlikely friendship with a Palestinian garage owner led him to first question his values, then to convert to Islam before marrying a Muslim wife from his native land.