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A very useful source of information about forthcoming books is Publishers Lunch, a free e-newsletter. The latest issue lists the following book deals that touch on religion:

LA Times Rome bureau chief Tracy Wilkinson’s untitled book about the chief exorcist for the Diocese of Rome, Father Gabriele Amorth, and the new generation of exorcists who are following him, along with tracing the history of exorcism from its roots in the early days of Christianity to its current revival.

…Rabbi Michael Lerner’s THE LEFT HAND OF GOD, an examination of the ways in which the Democratic Party has disregarded religion and subsequently lost touch with America’s ongoing values crisis, with a critique of the current state of faith in politics and a plan for a religiously-grounded progressive agenda.

And, er…

…Carl Denham and the Beast-God of Skull Island — The Amazing True Story of King Kong, a look at the real life events that inspired the classic film, “King Kong,”…

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