The Worst are Full of Passionate Intensity

New Jersey:

JERSEY CITY, N.J. — The FBI is trying to determine whether an Islamic Web site that tracked users of an online chat room had anything to do with the killings of a Christian Egyptian family…The New York Sun report published Monday quoted one member writing on the Web site, “This is a picture of the filthy dog, curser of Muhammad, and a photo of his filthy wife, curser of Muhammad. They got what they deserved for their actions in America.”


“You are a bad Belgian and you have signed your own death warrant.”

That was the message to factory owner Rik Remmery when he opened his mail one morning just before Christmas.

…”December,” another letter read “will be a nightmare.” The death threats against Rik were caused by one simple fact – he employed a Muslim woman who wore a headscarf to work.


The screening of a film by Theo van Gogh, the Dutch filmmaker murdered by an alleged Islamist extremist last November, has been called off amid fears of violence.

Organisers of the Rotterdam Film Festival had hoped to screen the film Submission, which criticises Islam’s treatment of women, over the weekend. But they decided not to go ahead on the advice of the police after receiving threats. “The decision not to show Submission was made on the basis of security concerns,” the film rights holder, Column Productions, said in a statement.


BBC executives have been put under the protection of security guards as police investigate death threats made after the British TV network’s 8 January broadcast of the controverisal musical show Jerry Springer — The Opera.

Security guards monitored the North London home of Roly Keating, the Controller of BBC Two, who received threats from protesters. The homes of six other BBC executives were also targeted after an evangelical Christian group posted the addresses and telephone numbers on its website.

etc, etc…

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  1. I thought the worst were the ones who got private security guards for vague threats, thus reducing the security of the rest of us?

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