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Hindu Astrology introduces us to one of their “noted astrologers”:

Vinod Kumar Gupta a hidden treasure in himself is known to the astrological world for his accurate predictions…Not only as an astrologer he is also a renowned Vaastu Expert. Many big industrial houses can be credited to his account. He can draw the horoscope of the house/factory from which he can make predictions and suggest some remedial measures for the malefic of teh [sic] planetary effects.

A list of 19 past predictions is given to prove his occult powers. For some reason, however, his latest prophecy (reported in Express India on October 23) is absent:

A city-based astrologer has predicted that Kerry would replace Bush in the next US presidential elections.

Vinod Kumar Gupta…has predicted that Kerry will be elected new president in the elections to be held in November. According to Gupta, in the annual horoscope of President Bush, mercury is in the eighth house from July 2004 to July 2005 which would affect his prospects in these elections.

While, John Kerry, claimed Gupta, has Moon and Mars in the fourth house in the annual horoscope up to December 2004 which gives him a gain in popularity and victory in elections.

3 Responses

  1. I’m a little confused by your links.
    Some of them are to devout believers.

    Are you?

    The neat thing about wanting to destroy all religions is that everyone is rooting for your success with every religion but their own.

  2. I prefer to let readers themselves guess (or work out) where I’m coming from. The links to “devout believers” are there because they provide the primary sources for research, not because I necessarily endorse them (although I decline to link to “hate” sites, like “Little Green Footballs”).

  3. Come on, Josh. I think it’s pretty obvious that Bartholomew is a Rastafarian. I don’t know how you failed to pick up on that.

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