Same Sex Marriage Advocates Caused Beslan Massacre by Muslim Werewolves

So writes Mikhail Morgulis in ASSIST News:

By their concessions to Satan mankind has made the Evil One feel invincible and allowed him to fiercely attack the world…Satan’s strength is being enhanced by people who have turned away from God in their disgrace and depravity. These include “men of law” who accept single-sex marriages, those who approve abortions, and those who speak out against school Bible classes. They also include those who persecute believers, those who lie and deceive others in churches and those who speak about God but steal from their own brethren.


What happened in Beslan surpasses in its cruelty everything that terrorists have previously done. Such unthinkable brutality – ruthless and cold-blooded murder of children – occurred only in Nazi concentration camps during WWII.

As for context:

We must understand that we are not dealing with people, but with vampires and werewolves who have come alive, with vermin and venomous snakes, whom Satan has robbed of any human feelings. They are not God’s children but Satan’s creations…These are a new type of beings: they are infected with a paranoid mania born of militant Islam – to destroy the world. They live with a consuming desire to kill and to die. They glorify suicide and murder calling it “martyrdom”. These are not dregs of society – they are simply NOT HUMAN. Hopefully, with God’s help top political leaders in Russia and the United States will come to understand this.

But Morgulis has a plan:

all countries must urgently create an anti-terrorist coalition…Even though opposition to such a coalition will be enhanced by the fact that many European countries are literally taken over by a large Muslim population, there is still some hope that the coalition’s joint stance against terrorism will increase our chances of victory…President Putin is only beginning to understand what this common enemy is and what it looks like, and that Russia is not really fighting against Chechnya but against Satan in the guise of terrorists. This explains why Satan’s servants and messengers from different countries were among the murderers in the school in Ossetia. What took place in Beslan was a Satanic slaughter, a shabash: this was the first time Satan openly disclosed his goal to crush and eliminate children and adults – in a word, to stop life on earth. Only now are we able to recreate these apocalyptic events from the testimonies of survivors.

A “shabash”? “Well done” in Urdu and Persian? Eh? Morgulis also alleges that schoolchildren were raped by the terrorists, a detail overlooked by the BBC and other sources.

Morgulis is a Ukrainian based in Chicago, where he runs a websiteless organisation called Christian Bridge International, which promotes “Spiritual Diplomacy”. According to a quote in another ASSIST article:

when professional diplomats are unable to achieve success in diplomacy, spiritual people appear, truly spiritual people. The idea of Spiritual Diplomacy – complete trust in one’s colleague, complete desire to reach peaceful results, personal mutual understanding, the use of the Bible in discussions, desire to see in one’s colleague not a diplomat promoting only the interests of a given country, but a person, the victorious creation of God, a father, a husband, a son.

Morgulis’s gut reaction to the horrors of Beslan is understandable, although one might think ASSIST might have spiked this one. After all, despite the sub-bestial behaviour exhibited there, Christianity teaches that people do wicked things because they human, not that the wicked among us are not human. And the hysterical “not since the Holocaust” take is just foolish. But whatever disgust felt by Morgulis (and by most of us), that does not give license to tell lies: no country in Europe has been “taken over” by Muslims, literally or otherwise (and, of course, most Muslims are appalled by the Beslan massacre anyway). And when Morgulis fingers supporters of same sex marriage as responsible, one suspects less an unbalanced, grief-stricken rant and more a carefully plotted attempt to use the Beslan tragedy to inflame hatred against those with whom he disagrees.

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