Hal Lindsey’s Sidekick: Kerry only “sort of” Kerry – Really Kohn

Say, you know how Christian Zionists go on about how they love Israel and the Jews? OK, often in practice that means only some Jews – actual Israelis who want peace rather than an apocalyptic war and Jews who have no wish to live in Israel both get short shrift – but I was rather surprised to read this item by Jack Kinsella, Hal Lindsey’s sidekick, and brought to my attention by Pete at The Dark Window:

John Kerry’s acceptance speech for the Democratic nomination for President opened with Kerry delivering a passable military salute to his audience, saying, “My name is John Kerry, and I am reporting for duty.”

He then launched into his speech. When it was over, it occurred to me that the phrase, “My name is John Kerry” was the only true statement contained in it. (Sort of. Kerry’s grandfather, Fritz Kohn, had his name legally changed to ‘Frederick Kerry’ in Vienna in 1902)

So Kerry was only “sort of” telling the truth about his name, because really he’s “Kohn”. How sinister! At least, if you’re an anti-Semite.

Pete also notes this baffling coda:

I have seen the enemy, and it is Skerry.


Maybe Skinsella is just following up on Jerry Falwell’s famous prophecy:

Who will the Antichrist be? I don’t know. Nobody else knows…Is he alive and here today? Probably. Because when he appears during the Tribulation period he will be a full-grown counterfeit of Christ. Of course he’ll be Jewish. Of course he’ll pretend to be Christ. And if in fact the Lord is coming soon, and he’ll be an adult at the presentation of himself, he must be alive somewhere today.

Or perhaps he was inspired by the great Billy Graham:

This stranglehold has got to be broken or the country’s going down the drain…A lot of the Jews are great friends of mine. They swarm around me and are friendly to me. Because they know I am friendly to Israel and so forth. They don’t know how I really feel about what they’re doing to this country.

But it is still really very odd. I suppose more likely Skinsella is just trying to captialise on a bit of anti-Europeanism, hoping to harm Kerry with the suggestion that any American with an Anglicised name is only “sort of” truthful about their identity. However, that still makes him a bigoted idiot demagogue.

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  1. Kerry is more Irish than english , so it was celticised I suppose.

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