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While gearing up for his appearance at a Christian Zionist prayer breakfast and a possible bid for the Presidency, Roy Moore has graced Boyle County High School in Danville with his presence at a “Foundations Festival”.

According to the Advocate Messanger, Moore told his listeners that

the Constitution of the United States was based on the “organic law” of God. He blamed “indoctrination in schools,” a liberal media and “hypocritical” judges for perpetuating the “myth” of the Constitution’s separation of church and state…He urged the audience to become active politically and support a bill in Congress, the “Constitutional Restoration Act of 2004,” which would limit the power of the judiciary in cases involving religion.

The Foundations Festival‘s website informs us that:

A classic definition of war is two mutually exclusive worldviews fighting for domination of a society.  The war on terror certainly reflects this definition, as does the clash of cultures that we witness in America today.

The foundations of our Christian worldview are under attack, and nothing less than the future of our children is at stake.  The battle is being waged for the minds and souls of our youth, and we can no longer stay on the sidelines.

So, whom should we compare with the Muslim terrorists? Well, obviously, it has to be liberals, scientists, divorcees, history teachers, people who don’t like Likud, and so on. The Festival saw Moore rub shoulders with the following speakers:

Grady McMurtry: With his science background, he “knows the lies of the evolutionists”, as well as, one assumes, the lies of the geologists, astronomers and linguists, as he takes a “young universe” position and asserts the literal truth of the Tower of Babel. As he helpfully informs us on his Creation World View website: “Karl Marx and Adolph Hitler formed many of their beliefs around the concepts of natural selection and survival of the fittest…As long as the KKK is around and as long as evolution is being taught in the classroom…the cancer will get bigger.”

Phil and Cindy Waugh: leaders of the Covenant Marriage Movement. According to the Waughs’ website:

The world views marriage as a legal contract between two or more individuals. Contracts are based on rights and responsibilities and are motivated by self-interests rather than on unconditional love…For the past 30 years, our nation has been wandering in the wilderness of “no-fault divorce” brought about by an acceptance of the view that marriage is simply a contract.

(Optional Covenant Marriage laws have been passed in Louisiana, Arizona and Arkansas.)

Allen Quist: An educator, his website points out that Federal school education is too narrowly focused on job training. OK, but why? The Feds are censoring America’s heritage because it wants to bring in a “state-planned and managed economy similar to that of the former Soviet Union”. So does this mean Bush is a Communist?

Darrell Young: The Christian Zionist element. Interestingly, Young’s Focus on Jerusalem website shows how Christian Zionists may actually turn against Bush. As he warns us:

The involvement of the United States in enforcing the partitioning of the promised land conveys serious implications for our beloved country. Zechariah 12:2-3 indicates that all nations that become preoccupied with enforcing a world solution upon a reborn Israel, shall be cut to pieces. Joel 3:2 also indicates that the partitioning of Israel in the days when the God of Israel has restored her back into the land that he gave to the forefathers of Israel will cause destruction of all those nations who oppose the repossesion [sic] of the land by Israel.

Like other Christian Zionists, Young has nothing to say about the alternative, which would have to be equal citizenship of Jews and Palestinians in a bi-national state. Unless, of course, the history of the South points to other possible arrangements…

Other speakers include Mike Crowe, a minister who seems to spend his time writing letters to OutSmart, Houston’s Gay and Lesbian Magazine; Stewart Thompson, whose “Crossover” Ministry “ministers” to homosexuals; and black conservative anti-welfare activist (or “freedom fighter”, as she puts it) Starr Parker.  The whole event was sponsored by a local Danville group called Brothers in Christ.

On all of the above Bush has compromised: with his alleged Middle Eastern “peace process”; by not actually banning evolution; by allowing no fault divorce to continue; and by letting teachers train children to be cogs in the Communist machine. Run, Moore, run!

UPDATE (May 4): Fred Clarkson at Salon has just done a piece on Moore and the Constitution Party. It links to a long essay on the party’s website called “Why Christians Should not Vote for Bush“. Among the many reasons is Bush’s support for “pro-abortion, pro-sodomite Republican, Arnold Schwarzenegger”.

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