Zweibon: Christian Zionists Will Turn Against Jews

Herbert Zweibon, head of Americans for a Safe Israel, warns in the Jerusalem Post that if

Israel withdraws from Judea, Samaria and Gaza, I think you will see anti-Semitism in America like you have never seen. These people [Christian Zionists] will see it as a betrayal of their own trust.

This is because the Christians will reason that

Why should they stand by [Israel], if the Jews don’t?

Zweibon is quite correct – I’ve heard Christian Zionists in effect say that anti-Semitism is God dropping a hint to Jews who don’t want to relocate to Israel, and other Jewish and Israeli commentators have voiced misgivings about Christian Zionists over their support for The Passion. But in Zweibon’s case, his admission that most of his allies (whom he is due to join at a prayer breakfast for Israel very soon), are, under the surface, anti-Semitic is astonishing, and why he thinks this will persuade more Israelis to embrace expansionism is beyond me.

(NB: The Post states that Americans for a Safe Israel is a “US Jewish organization fighting for a two-state solution”. This is incorrect, and I suspect a typo for “fighting against”. Zweibon is bitterly opposed to a Palestinian state, although he doesn’t speak in favour of the only logical alternative: a bi-national state.)

PS – I’ve updated my entry on Vanunu from two days ago.

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