Worst Example of Religiously Illiterate Reporting in the History of Journalism

Courtesy of the website of the British newspaper The Guardian, where you can see an interesting photo-essay showing how Good Friday is commemorated around the world. However, the pic from the “Holy Land” shows neither the Via Dolorosa nor either of the two sites that are venerated as Golgotha. Instead, we have, er…this:

A Christian woman prays inside the Church of the Nativity in the West Bank city of Bethlehem. Some believe the church to be Jesus Christ’s final resting place.

Bethlehem? Nativity?? “Final resting place”??? John 11:35!

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  1. If they had said “some believe the Valley of Himmon to be Jesus’ final resting place” I might’ve agreed with that (since some people do believe that’s where he turned up). I hadn’t heard about anyone claiming the Church of the Nativity was the final resting place of Jesus, however. Very creative.

  2. […] which would be fair enough had not a 2004 Holy Week Guardian report (now amended, but I blogged it at the time) told us that the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem is believed to be site of “Jesus […]

  3. […] first noticed this in the Guardian back in 2004; they’ve since fixed it, but the original caption still graces the website of Getty Images: A […]

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