The Passion of Shoko Asahara

Today’s big news where I live (Japan) is the sentencing of Chizuo Matsumoto, better known as Shoko Asahara, the man who promoted nihilistic religious terrorism before it was fashionable. The epic trial (during which arrests were made in Russia of followers reportedly planning a rescue mission) ended, as was expected, with the death sentence, although with the appeals procedure about to get underway it’ll be many years before we get to see The Passion of Shoko Asahara. Asahara’s group, Aum, now rebranded as Aleph, is a tiny, despised sect, with not many future prospects…sound familiar?

According to the BBC,

Members of the cult, who had not demonstrated violent tendencies before they joined Aum, were fed a diet of violent apocalyptic teachings.

What, like Left Behind and The Late Great Planet Earth?

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