Harvey Proctor Responds to Allegations

From the Independent: The former MP Harvey Proctor today launched a blistering attack on a police “homosexual witch-hunt” after revealing that he had been questioned over claims of the alleged murder of three boys supposedly linked to an “elite Westminster sex ring”. …His accuser – known only as Nick – has told police that Mr Proctor […]

Jeremy Corbyn Interview Highlights LaRouche Movement

From the Daily Mail: Jeremy Corbyn spoke at the annual meeting of a group allied to the ‘neo-Nazi’ LaRouche movement, it has emerged. The frontrunner in the Labour leadership race was interviewed by video link at the annual conference of the Citizens Electoral Council in Australia, in March this year. …A spokesperson for Mr Corbyn said: ‘Jeremy […]

Jennifer LeClaire Rebukes John Oliver on Prosperity Preachers

From Jennifer LeClaire at Charisma magazine: I now know that [John] Oliver, a satirist who has taken on the name “Megareverend” and “CEO of Our Lady of Perpetual Exemption” is the host of Last Week Tonight. He aired what could be best described as an exposé on preachers like Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, Creflo Dollar, Mike Murdoch and […]

Janner: Is Sub Judice Still a “Thing”?

A Canute-like warning from the Crown Prosecution Service, from the end of June: The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Alison Saunders will now bring criminal proceedings against Greville Janner for child sex offences. …As there are now active criminal proceedings nothing should be said, commented on, or shared online which may prejudice those. Or else […]

Ted Heath: Allegations and Conspiracy Theories

*** Sections: Introduction The “1961” allegation The 1990s “brothel” allegation Further allegations: Abuse and murder on the yacht Sex parties in London Jimmy Savile’s nephew Supposed association with the Paedophile Information Exchange Discussion **** Introduction From Simon Jenkins in the Guardian: That’s it then. Sir Edward Heath was a paedophile. It has been on the news […]

Nadine Dorries, Tim Ireland and the High Court: Some Notes on the Outcome

While the many lies of Nadine Dorries have been travelling half-way around the world in recent months, the truth has been tripping over its shoelaces; from the Independent: An attempt to unseat the Conservative MP Nadine Dorries has been thrown out by the High Court after two judges ruled that legal documents informing her of the action […]