Azerbaijan Seeks To Co-Opt Western Religion Bloggers

An invitation arrives in my inbox: Journey of Tolerance 30th August – 3 September 2013 Azerbaijan To Whom It May Concern: I hope you are having a good day. My name is [redacted] and I am the Project Director for the Journey of Tolerance an initiative by the State Committee on Religious Associations of the […]

Glenn Beck Promotes “Founding Faith Conference” With Gen. Jerry Boykin

Controversy over inclusion of pastor with links to League of the South – see update below Glenn Beck has narrated an advert endorsing the “Founding Faith Conference 2013”, and highlighting the involvement of General William “Jerry” Boykin. The conflab – billed as “An ‘Impact Your Nation” event – will take place in Texas in September; according to the blurb: Make no […]

Fringe Conspiracy Theories Promoted At “Prophecy Summit” Attended by Joseph Farah

The “Pikes Peak Prophecy Summit” – which I previewed a month ago – has now taken place. On one level, the event was a commonplace – Christian fundamentalists ruminating on the Rapture or claiming that the Bible can tell us about events in the modern middle east are hardly thin on the ground in parts of […]