A Funding Panacea for Prophecy Research

I recently enjoyed listening to Rev Dr Jane Shaw’s series of talks on mysticism on Radio 3, so I was interested to see that she has written a book on Mabel Barltrop and the Panacea Society. Frances Stonor Saunders has a review in the Guardian; the final paragraph is amusing: A curious omission from Shaw’s otherwise […]

Roberta Moore Steps Down from EDL Jewish Division; Complains of “Nazis Within” EDL

As Darcy Jones notes, Roberta Moore of the English Defence League Jewish Division has decided to step down, complaining about “Nazis” in the EDL: Dear all, I have been made a great offer yesterday and therefore I am stepping down from the Jewish Division in order to take up that offer, which will take most […]

US Evangelist Crashed Car after Mid-Afternoon “Double-Shot Whisky Binge”

From the Australian Telegraph: A VISITING American evangelist who claims healing powers has walked from a NSW court without even a fine despite driving 110km blind drunk and crashing into a parked car. Self-claimed “prophet of God” Jason Hooper – touring with Hillsong protege Ben Hughes – declared God had forgiven him for his double-shot […]

UK Head of Rosminian Order Responds to BBC Documentary

A few days ago, I blogged on a BBC documentary about sex abuse in schools run by the Roman Catholic Rosminian order; the programme explained how the head of the order in the UK, Father David Myers, had declined to participate in the programme in the following terms: …I have decided to follow the advice […]

Delta Air Lines Marketing Alliance with Saudi Arabian Airlines Fuels New Shariah Hysteria

From USA Today: Some travel industry experts say Delta Air Lines is being treated unfairly — and is the victim of misinformation — because of its pending marketing alliance with Saudi Arabian Airlines. Delta was criticized by some Jewish and Christian leaders Thursday after a Religion News Service story hit the Internet questioning the two airlines’ partnership […]

Ruth Gledhill Claims Fr Kit Cunningham was Part of “Campaign of Vilification” over Reporting of Paedophile Priests

Ruth Gledhill’s column in the latest Church of England Newspaper makes a disturbing allegation about the media influence of Father Kit Cunningham. Cunningham was a popular figure and known as the “unofficial Roman Catholic chaplain to Fleet Street”, and there has been much shock and distress at revelations that shortly before his death in December 2010 he had privately […]

Together at Last: Pastor Terry Jones and Rabbi Nachum Shifren

As has been widely reported, last week saw Pastor Terry Jones protesting in Dearborn. Jones and his predictable stunts are of little interest in themselves, but it is perhaps worth keeping a note of the various characters who are willing to ally themselves with him. In April 2010 there was a short-lived flirtation with Fred […]

Walid Shoebat’s “Rescue Christians” Org Claims to be Protecting Families in High-Profile Blasphemy Cases

Last month, I wrote a blog entry about an organisation called “Rescue Christians”. According to the organisation’s blurb: …Our work will involve providing safe houses, food and medical care for persecuted Christian families with direct one and one support, with no administrative costs or waste. Our work will also involve the gaining of visas for these families to […]

UK Rosminian Head on Sex Abuse: “Morally Speaking Compensation would be Wrong”

…I will not be video-ed and edited for the programme, about Soni and Grace Dieu. …I have decided to follow the advice given in the book of Lamentations: ‘It is good to wait in silence’ 3:16 So writes Father David Myers, Provincial Superior in the UK of the Rosminian Fathers (or Institute of Charity), concerning […]

Telegraph Dusts Off 1980s Right-Wing Newsletter to Attack Rowan Williams

At the weekend, the Daily Telegraph ran a lengthy non-story about Rowan Williams: MI5 labelled the Archbishop of Canterbury a subversive over anti-Thatcher campaigns When he launched a stinging attack on the Coalition government over policies “for which no one voted”, the Archbishop of Canterbury put himself squarely in the centre of a political storm. Critics […]