Russian-Backed Dialogue Among Civilizations Conference Underway in Greece

Call for Christian alliance against “militant liberalism” Participant wants “UN Council of Civilizations” US “responsible for the current discord in the world” Yet more interfaith conferencing, at a convention of officials with unfeasibly long titles: The Head of the World Assembly for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thoughts (WAPIST) Ayatollah Mohammad-Ali Taskhiri said on Thursday […]

Exclusive Brethren’s Political Activity Under Fire

Segments of the blogosphere are abuzz over reports of clandestine political activity by the Exclusive Brethren in Australia and New Zealand. has the latest: PRIME Minister John Howard has admitted he met members of the fundamentalist Christian sect the Exclusive Brethren. The highly secretive group, which has 40,000 members throughout the world, many in […]

European Parliament Hosts Christian Zionists

Call for Judeo-Christian Constitution to Oppose Islam Next European Parliament Chairman Takes Part in Conference The European Coalition for Israel wants to make our flesh creep: The threat of the destruction of the state of Israel should not only be considered an issue of Jewish concern. The same forces which are trying to wipe Israel off […]

UK Creationist Group Launches Lobby

Ekklesia reports on a new project by an anti-evolutionist organisation in the UK: Creationists and anti-evolutionists in the United Kingdom have established a new website, called ‘Truth in Science’, to try to persuade school parents to lobby for their ideas within the British education system. …The new group catalogues among its supporters ‘young earth creationists’ […]

Flynn Pickings

WorldNetDaily presents us with yet another purveyor of paranoia: Ted Flynn’s book, ‘Hope of the Wicked: The Master Plan to Rule the World,’ will open your eyes to the greatest deception in modern history. It explores the convergence on a global basis of multinational corporations, foundations and the political and sociological instruments of a one-world […]

Hezbollah’s New Tribe Mission

A year ago, Hugo Chavez announced plans to expel the evangelical New Tribes Mission from Venezuela. Christianity Today reported: Describing New Tribes Mission (NTM) as a “true imperialist infiltration that makes me ashamed,” Chavez declared he was fed up with “colonialism” and accused the mission group of links to the CIA, spying on Venezuela, and […]

Milingo: “Many…Catholic married priests…are in the Unification Movement”

From the National Catholic Reporter in July: Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo says he has no intention of launching a new sect in Africa funded by Rev. Sun Myung Moon as a rival to Roman Catholicism… …”We have no ambition at all, in any way, to do anything of that kind,” Milingo said. Milingo has since set […]

Disaster Manuel

Few surprises on Radio 4’s 6pm news programme, as British Islamist Anjem Choudary explains why he shouldn’t be prosecuted for calling for the execution of the Pope at a protest at Westminster Cathedral: We were saying that people should be wary of the fatwa which have already been given, for example against Salman Rushdie, and […]

Channel 4 Documentary Explores US Apocalypticism

I’ve just watched The Doomsday Code, a documentary broadcasted on Channel 4 on Saturday night. The programme, presented by Tony Robinson, explored the role of “End Times” beliefs in the USA and Africa, and included interviews with a range of proponents and critics. Robinson began by suggesting that “End Times” beliefs are politically very significant […]

Save Darfur