Is It safe for Marathon Man? Not when Fr Horan’s around…

The BBC carries a piece on Cornelius Horan (also known as Neil Horan), the religious protestor who managed to wreck the Olympic marathon: Horan, who pushed Brazil’s Vanderlei De Lima off the road, told police it was to “prepare for the second coming”. Opinions about Horan, who invaded the British Grand Prix last year, are […]

Homeland Security Takes Charge of American Academia

A possible scalp has been gained for the new McCarthyites, as Swiss Muslim scholar Tariq Ramadan is refused a visa to teach at Notre Dame under the Patriot Act. The Chicago Sun-Times: Kelly Shannon, a spokeswoman for the State Department’s consular affairs section, said Monday that Ramadan initially received a visa after being cleared by […]

US Christians Tax Each Other

It’s always nice to see Christians visiting each other’s churches. This kind of ecumenism provides a chance for Christians to get to learn about other Christian traditions and perspectives, and to, er…report each other to the IRS. Liberal Christians started it last month, as the Kansas City Star reported: the Mainstream Coalition, whose members include […]

Jesus Healed a Woman with Three Breasts

…is only the most striking video on offer from Gilbert Deya Ministries (although there is serious competition: Ambassador Carrying a Snake in his Belly Delivered in Jesus’ Name and (Witchcraft) 14 Year Missing Baby Born in the Womb (The Mother is 51 Years Old) are among others). Archbishop Deya, of Kenyan origins, heads a 36,000-member […]

Kinsella: Maths Proves Bible Prophecy

It’s been a slow week for the blog. There are plenty of interesting religion stories out there, but none that have given me the scent of the hunt. So instead I’ve been trawling the writings of various religious writers on the net, looking for something to comment on. Funnily, I very quickly found a new […]

Diamond Geezers

WorldNetDaily is (again) triumphant: United Nations prosecutors confirm al-Qaida has been deeply involved in the African diamond business since before Sept. 11, 2001, confirming a report last year broken by Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin, the premium, online intelligence newsletter published by WND. A series of witnesses place six top al-Qaida fugitives in Africa buying up […]

Doctor Know-Nothing?

The Revealer logs a report in the Hindustan Times about Islamic militant doctors in the UK: Some Muslim doctors are allegedly refusing to treat patients with sex diseases and Aids because they believe that such ailments are result of sinful behaviour and punishments from God…Such “militant” doctors are generally found in inner-city areas with large […]

Hal Lindsey’s Sidekick: Kerry only “sort of” Kerry – Really Kohn

Say, you know how Christian Zionists go on about how they love Israel and the Jews? OK, often in practice that means only some Jews – actual Israelis who want peace rather than an apocalyptic war and Jews who have no wish to live in Israel both get short shrift – but I was rather […]

WorldNetDaily does Light Fantastic

Creationist Barry Setterfield is the subject of a new puff piece in WorldNetDaily by Chris Bennett. Apparently, some physicists have been questioning the constancy of the speed of light, something Setterfield was doing years ago! Of course, if the speed of light can be shown to have slowed down over the years it raises the […]