Some Notes on John Whittingdale, Byline, and Eric Li

(expanded 22 April 2016) Whittingdale and the media Byline Media Note on Eric Li and The 4th Media Li’s views Conclusion Excursus Whittingdale and the media Much has been written about whether it was right for the crowdfunding publishing platform Byline to have carried a piece at the start of April that revealed that the Minister for Culture, […]

The CPS, The Police, and the Dead

From The Brief (a legal newsletter helpfully extracted here by @BarristerSecret): Senior prosecutors have invoked new policy in rejecting a request from police that they consider charging a dead suspect with the 40-year-old murder of a teenage girl. …A senior police source told the BBC: “We would like a clear statement that it [the Crown Prosecution […]

Daily Mail Attempts to Whip Up Controversy over Oxford Theology Degrees

From the Daily Mail: Oxford theology students won’t have to study Christianity throughout their degree – but dons deny it’s being ‘marginalised’ Students and lecturers have overturned 800-year-old university tradition The changing way religion is seen and practised in UK has driven change Students will study Christianity in first year but have more choice later on […]