Paul Ray Sued by Alan Ayling in Malta

From Malta Today: A British far-right activist, Paul Adam Cinato, has been ordered to pay €5,000 in damages to a UK national after publishing three articles in his personal blog in 2012, which were deemed defamatory by the Maltese courts. …Magistrate Francesco Depasquale today heard how Cinato, whose last known address was Marsaxlokk, publishes a blog […]

Media Highlights “Satanic Sects” Claim in Pope John Paul II Reliquary Theft

The Telegraph reports on the theft of a reliquary containing a piece of cloth stained by the blood of Pope John Paul II; the item was removed from the Church of St Peter of Ienca (link added): …”It’s possible that there could be Satanic sects behind the theft of the reliquary,” said Giovanno Panunzio, the national coordinator of […]

Thomas More Law Center’s Lawsuit Tossed By Federal Judge

From the AP: A federal judge Wednesday dismissed a conservative Christian advocacy group’s lawsuit against a Muslim rights organization over the cancellation of a speech by an anti-Muslim speaker at a southwestern Michigan school. …Allegan police interrupted Kamal Saleem’s speech Jan. 28, 2012, saying there were threats of violence against him. Dawud Walid, executive director […]

Maajid Nawaz Jesus and Mo Controversy

A few days late with this; from the IB Times: A would-be Liberal Democrat MP who published an image of the Prophet Mohammed on Twitter has been targeted by online abuse. Maajid Nawaz received threats of violence – including beheading – and an online petition was started against his bid to become MP in 2015. […]

Gay Marriage Explains Unfortunate Events: Floods

This one’s all over the internet at the moment; from the BBC: A UKIP councillor has blamed the recent storms and heavy floods across Britain on the Government’s decision to legalise gay marriage. In the letter to the Henley Standard [David Silvester] he wrote: “The scriptures make it abundantly clear that a Christian nation that […]

Joke PJ Media Article On Mahdi Provokes Apocalyptic Flurry

A couple of weeks ago, PJ Media carried what was apparently an attempt at humour by Canadian poet David Solway. Solway gave an account of having been given special access to “Arak Codex #190001”, a document recently “unearthed in a clay jar at an excavation works near the Arak nuclear site” and now at the “Inscriptions Department of […]

Russian Billionaire Brings Gifts of the Magi to Moscow

Still with Russia (and slightly late); ITAR-TASS reports that the relics of the Gifts of Magi recently left Mount Athos in Greece for a temporary appearance at the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Moscow: The relics are accompanied by a delegation of the brethren led by Archimandrite Parfeny (Mourelatos), who has been living in […]

Carl Gallups: Non-Return of Jesus So Far Means Rabbi’s Prophecy “Has Come True”

Back in October, WorldNetDaily (WND) published and promoted a new book and DVD claiming that a deceased Kabbalist in Israel named Rabbi Yitzchak Kaduri had seen Jesus in a vision and prophesied that he would return following the death of Ariel Sharon. The author, a Baptist pastor named Carl Gallups (also known as “PPSIMMONS”), now […]

Official At Powerful Russian Orthodox Body Calls For Re-Criminalization of Homosexuality

Staying with Russia, Interfax Religion has comments from Roman Silantyev, who heads the human rights centre at the World Russian People’s Council; take a deep breath: The idea to return the criminal article for sodomy seems quite logical to me. The non-acceptance of homosexuality is a sign of healthy moral atmosphere in the society along with the rejection […]

Christmas with Kirill

ITAR-TASS reports: Patriarch of Moscow and All-Russia Kirill and Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev exchanged memorable gifts in the altar of the Moscow Cathedral of Christ the Savior after the Christmas service had ended… Medvedev presented a bouquet of white roses to Patriarch Kirill and congratulated the head of the Russian Orthodox Church on the […]