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  1. I lived with the Olangi ministry for 6 months. They called themselves deliverance ministers but they are running a cult. I am bornagain and was invited to come see their ministry in the Congo. My pastor approved and so I stayed in their ministry house in New York. One of their daughters and son in law had started a “branch” there. They call their new places branches. If they visit your church they say come visit our ministry. When you visit their ministry, they say they are not a church or a part of the church. They say everybody is a witch, you can never be delivered from your witchcraft. They called Mama Gwen Shaw a witch and Benny Hinn a witch also. The reason those names standout is Mama Gwen helped get them into the USA. She promised the State Department they would not stay beyond their time. I met the Olangis at the Endtime Handmaidens Meeting in 2001 in New Orleans. I have nothing against Mama Gwen, but I never felt led to become a Handmaiden. I have a number of friends who were but a number of them are dead. The Olangis are the witches and warlocks. The Handmaidens have been decimated by Cancer since they became a part of it. Marie Doorn, an interpreter for Benny Hinn is how they got close to Benny Hinn. Marie was born in the Congo and her parents are part of the Endtime Handmaidens. Benny Hinn, Gwen Shaw, Jane Lowder of Calvary Pentecostal Campground and Oral Roberts Jr. has been deceived by these people. In their branch so called church meetings: they never ask if anyone wants to be saved or born again and they never took communion in six months. I was at the house in New York for 4-6 weeks. Instead of going from London to the Congo, I was in London another month. They had a conference they didn’t tell me about. Then I took the train to Belgium where I stayed for 4 months. Since I felt the spirit of death, I said I wanted to go back home. They said they needed my passport which they came for about a month or longer. They put me on a bus to London. I lived in the house of Papa Ralph. I can say he was kind.
    They call the official house where the pastor is supposed to live the “bergere” or shepherd’s house, but they usually live elsewhere in an disclosed location to avoid attacks of witchcraft. The house in Belgium was on Rue John de Baptiste. I don’t remember the section of London where the house was for Papa Ralph. I can say this in New York they forbad anyone from speaking in tongues. I spoke in tongues anyway. Immediately, I thought it was strange that a ministry aligned with the Handmaidens didn’t speak on tongues. The Handmaidens speak in tongues. Their excuse was someone might be speaking in a demonic tongue. I thought that was the purpose of spiritual discernment. In London on my return trip Papa Ralph didn’t prohibit anyone from speaking in tongues. He spoke in tongues at his prayer meetings and his intercessors. There is so much more I could write about these people. I have been spiritually stalked by them for years. I was physically stalked by them from 2004-2010.
    I am sure they are trafficking people since they have “branches” in every major European city all over the USA. In Paris they held services in a hall in St. Denis, but they hosted people in the projects of Sarcelle. The head of the branch there is Mama Danielle with her husband. In New York the head of the branch was Papa August, he was employed by AIG. He was / is married to the Olangis oldest daughter. This information is not current, but it is accurate for 2003-2004. Remember they were physically stalking me until 2010. If you would like more information please contact me. I am convinced they are behind the divorce of Benny Hinn. I warned one of his assistants, but I don’t think he ever told him. They bring people into this country and set them up in ministry. The State Department has no monitors on them. God Bless You!

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