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Roberta Moore Steps Down from EDL Jewish Division; Complains of “Nazis Within” EDL

As Darcy Jones notes, Roberta Moore of the English Defence League Jewish Division has decided to step down, complaining about “Nazis” in the EDL: Dear all, I have been made a great offer yesterday and therefore I am stepping down from the Jewish Division in order to take up that offer, which will take most of […]

CBN: Ivory Coast Curfew Means More Viewers for Pat Robertson

Some good news for Pat Robertson and the Christian Broadcasting Network: Ivory Coast: Good News During Civil War By CBN Ivory Coast …With strong support from pastors of various denominations in Ivory Coast, CBN began to make preparation for an evangelistic media campaign that would take place during the Christmas holidays. What no one expected though, […]

Pat Robertson’s CBN Backs Gbagbo

With international pressure on Laurent Gbagbo to step down following the recent election in the Ivory Coast, Pat Robertson’s Christian Broadcasting Network has come to the rescue with a softball interview which, CBN boasts, was “broadcast on Ivorian National Television”. The interview gave Gbagbo a platform to discourse on his Christian faith, and CBN’s Gary Lane – […]

US Anti-Islam Polemicists Fall Out: Andrew Bostom Accuses Robert Spencer of Plagiarism

Robert Spencer has a typical diatribe at his Jihad Watch site, denouncing the idea that anti-Semitism was imported into Islam, rather than being an essential element of the religion. Fellow polemicist Andrew Bostom, however, has a blog post of his own, linking to Spencer’s article but describing him as “A Little King Plagiarist” of his own work. So what’s gone wrong? Just […]

Gone West

The BNP in the East Midlands has achieved 106,319 votes in the European elections and came fifth, so the Rev Robert West – who believes that the “mixing of races” is a sin against God due to divinely-ordained “physical, intellectual and character” differences – will not be going to Europe as an MEP. The defeat was not due to […]

Roberto De Mattei and the First Crusade

WorldNetDaily cites a Times article from a few days ago about a conference on the Crusades: The conference, held at the Regina Apostolorum Pontifical University, brought together scholars from around the world who were anything but apologetic for the series of wars fought by European Christendom over 750 years ago. Italian historian Roberto De Mattei […]

A Religious War in West Africa?

Significant events in West Africa have a habit of being overshadowed by the Middle East: in 1967, the Six Day War kicked off days after Biafra declared independence from Nigeria; in 1990, the fall of the dictator Samuel Doe of Liberia and subsequent civil war was overshadowed by the invasion of Kuwait. Now, with battles […]

Black Pastor Converts from BNP to the Christian Party

A couple of weeks ago Pastor James Gitau was campaigning on behalf of Rev Robert West and the BNP… now, according to a listing in the Croydon Guardian, he’s standing as the Christian Party Parliamentary candidate in Croydon Central. This site explains explains the Damascene moment: Pastor James Gitau who had surprised many people by joining the […]

A Black BNP Reverend: Pastor James Gitau vs “The Sins of Homosexuality”

Claims BNP “condemns use of contraceptives” Here’s one I missed from a few days ago – the BNP’s Rev Robert West (blogged by me a number of times, such as here) has been out campaigning; the Daily Telegraph reports: Griffin gets into his car and we drive to Dagenham Broadway, where the BNP has erected its […]

Nick Griffin: “Be of Good Cheer for Christ Our Lord is Risen”

“After the General Election, all BNP leaflets will carry a Christian Cross” Edmund Standing notes BNP leader Nick Griffin’s “Special Easter Message”, in which Griffin announces the party’s new emphasis on Christianity. Griffin writes that: After the General Election, all BNP leaflets will carry a Christian Cross to demonstrate our commitment to maintaining and preserving […]