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“Undoubtedly one of the top-rank online resources on religious issues, especially those off the mainstream radar” – Simon Barrow, Ekklesia

“Richard Bartholomew has the spiritual depth of a pie tin” – Rev Flip Benham, Operation Save America

“Invaluable” – Bill Berkowitz

“If any of you are not regularly reading Bartholomew’s Notes on Religion, I highly recommend you begin doing so” – Ed Brayton

“One of my Inner Frenchman’s favorite blogs” – Gen. J.C. Christian, Patriot

“Richard Bartholomew maintains a thoughtful, well-informed British site” – Cory Doctorow

“Good, clear-headed forensics” – Tim Ireland

“You would be hard put to find a more conscientious, scrupulously-researched, and fair blog than Bartholomew’s Notes” – MediaWatchwatch

“One of the most informative sites we’ve seen for talking about religion and international affairs” – PCR Project blog of the Center for Strategic and International Studies

“A broad-ranging blog on all things religious,particularly on the way religiosity is often misused and misrepresented to achieve various political and other goals.” – Rolling Stone Magazine (Australian edition)

“Someone who knows what he’s talking about” – Sadly No!

“[A] brilliant piece of bloggery. This is the form at its finest” – Jeff Sharlet

There are at least four people Richard Bartholomew is not. He is not Richard Bartholomew the JFK conspiracy theorist and political cartoonist from Texas. And he is not Richard Bartholomew, author of books on India. He is also not Brother Bartholomew, the Satanic Catholic leader in Salem Kirban’s apocalyptic novel 666, nor is he the mystic entity Bartholomew channelled by Mary Moore.

12 Responses

  1. Undoubtedly one of the top-rank online resources on religious issues, especially those off the mainstream radar.

  2. Richard Bartholomew is a true hero for anyone concerned about their freedoms of, and from, religion. Thank you sincerely for all your hard work.

  3. Thoughtful, level-headed, liberal.

  4. Wonderful blog here, amazing detail.

  5. This is excellent! One of the most welcome sites I have come upon. It should be more widely known! Can one subscribe?

  6. Linked to Jesus General?
    Yer allright kid.
    Gotta have a sense of humor in the face of religion!

  7. Richard Bartholomew a fair man who knows about doves and hawks good judge.

  8. An excellent site.

  9. The system hardly showed any wish of survival; even the August coup was the lousiest possible. ,

  10. A pie tin, eh?

  11. Enjoy this blog! Richard’s views are insightful and lively, even in the acrid atmosphere of religion.

  12. one of the best researchers and debunkers of sensationalist archaeological claims on the web. a must read! – robert r. cargill

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