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Swinton Circles Argue over Hosting of Philip Hollobone

Over the past month, a right-wing website called South Africa Sucks has carried a rancorous thread in which Alan Harvey has engaged with various political rivals on the fringe-right. Harvey, as I have blogged previously, runs the Springbok Club and one of two groups calling itself the Swinton Circle: there is a rival faction run by […]

Swinton Note

With regret, I’ve decided to remove several comments in which anonymous members of the two Swinton Circles and of the Springbok Club attack one another. Although I like to have the comments open for all and there was some interesting extra information, the two sides are making increasingly serious allegations about one another, and now the authorship […]

“Robertson” Swinton Circle to Host Gas Chamber Denialist at British Israelite Church

From an Events Diary: Thursday 26th February 7.00 pm The Swinton Group – organiser@swintoncircle.org.uk Title: “Seven Stupid Separatist Sophisms (from Scotland and England)” Alistair McConnachie, Publisher of Sovereignty Public Meeting – Orange Street Congregational Church, London (Just behind the National Portrait Gallery) Admission Free The event is being held by the “Allan Robertson” Swinton Circle – […]

Peter Mullen at Swinton Circle: “Doctrine of Evolution” Attacked

As I’ve blogged several times over the past few months, following a schism there are now two groups called the London Swinton Circle, which was founded “For Traditional Conservatism and Unionism”. One group is linked to Alan Harvey and his “Springbok Club”, while the other is run by Allan Robertson. Both groups have declared an anathema […]

Springbok-Swinton Saga Staggers On

Various British right-wing groupsicles are having arguments, in part apparently facilitated by this blog’s recent entries on the Springbok Club and the London Swinton Circles (sic). It’s somewhat bitty, so I’ve divided the post up. Part One Firstly, comments have come in from “London Swinton Circle”, who is either Springbok chairman Alan Harvey or someone close to him. The […]

“New” London Swinton Circle Announces Break from Springbok Club

As I have blogged several times over the past few months, the right-wing London Swinton Circle has been riven by factional strife, which has now led to there being two Circles of Swinton: one is led by Alan Harvey, while the other is chaired by a certain Allan Robertson. The latter groupsicle insists that Harvey has been expelled, while […]

Swinton Circle Schism Saga

I’m sure everyone is riveted by my continuing efforts (see here) to note developments in the “London Swinton Circle”, a right-wing British organisation dedicated to “traditional Conservatism and Unionism”. I first came across the group a couple of years ago when I was researching a related outfit called the “Springbok Club“, which campaigns for causes such as the […]

“Official” Swinton Circle Holds Joint Event with Springbok Club

A few days ago I blogged once again on Alan Harvey and the London Swinton Circle. Harvey has apparently been suspended as chairman and member of group due to what he claims are the machinations of extremists. Harvey writes: As you are probably aware, a quite scurrilous attack has been made against me in the so-called […]

Swinton Circle Spat Second Sequel

A bit of politics for a change: Hugh Muir of the Guardian has a third diary piece concerning members of the Swinton Circle (see my previous entries here and here for background): … They have looked at their group as led by Alan Harvey, a former National Front activist and founder of the Springbok Club. Many […]

Swinton Circle Spat Sequel

Last week I did a posting on the London Swinton Circle and the Springbok Club, giving a bit of background to a diary piece in the Guardian. The piece’s author, Hugh Muir, now has a bit more: Regrettable that there is continuing fratricide in the Swinton Circle…Discussion forums glow hot, and some of it touches on our diary […]