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Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches Repudiates BNP’s Rev Robert West

A comment arrives: Dear Sir, As a member of the [Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches] Council, I must respectfully disagree with both Rev West’s view of FIEC policy and with your interpretation of the FIEC’s reluctance to speak against the BNP. The FIEC has declined your invitation to castigate the BNP not because it wishes to endorse the […]

BNP Rev Robert West “Doubts” Fellowship of Independent Churches “Would Oppose My Views”

Back in May, Seismic Shock carried a report on the Fellowship of Independent Churches’ reaction to the news that a chapel affiliated with the grouping had given a platform to Rev Robert West, the BNP candidate who teaches that races should live apart: British Messianic Jews had expressed grave anxiety over the FIEC’s slow response, first […]

FIEC Tells Messianic Jew it is “Entirely Opposed” to Rev Robert West

Seismic Shock carries a guest article about the BNP’s Rev Robert West, highlighting my blog entries about his recent appearance in the pulpit at a village Baptist chapel. The chapel is part of the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches (FIEC), which in turn is part of a grouping called Affinity. I tried to get the FIEC […]

Some Notes on the Robert Hannigan Resignation

From the Mail on Sunday: One of Britain’s top spy chiefs quit after it emerged that he helped a paedophile Catholic priest avoid jail, The Mail on Sunday can reveal. Prime Minister Theresa May was last night accused of a cover-up over the scandal as she knew of GCHQ director Robert Hannigan’s connection to the child […]

David Aaronovitch Accuses “VIP Westminster Abuse” Conspiracy Journalist of Link to “Anti-Semitic Creep”

From Mark Watts, formerly of Exaro News: I can confirm, as @ciabaudo disclosed, that Bar Standards Board issued Barbara Hewson with “administrative warning” last July over her “Twitter activity”… #barbietroll — Mark Watts (@MarkWatts_1) February 27, 2018 Several years ago, Watts was promising that very soon the police would confirm allegations of “Westminster VIP child sex […]

A Media Note on Tommy Robinson at Westminster

From the Independent, yesterday: Tommy Robinson has been widely condemned for launching into a tirade about Islamic extremism at the scene of a suspected terrorist attack in Westminster. The former English Defence League leader rushed to the Houses of Parliament in London after news of the attacks emerged. Although details about the alleged assailant and their motive remains […]

Some Notes on Liberty GB, Paul Weston and Jack Buckby

From ITV News: Following the decision by all major political parties to not contest the upcoming by-election for Jo Cox’s seat out of respect for her family, one smaller party has announced that it will. Jack Buckby, who is part of ‘radical patriotic conservative’ party Liberty GB, took to social media to make the announcement […]

Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer Raise Funds for EDL Leader’s Legal Defence

Pamela Geller writes about the plight of English Defence League leader Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (aka “Tommy Robinson”), who was recently arrested: Many of you have responded to my article “Darkness Descending in England” by asking how to help. Legal funds are badly needed. Tommy’s situation in prison is terrible, and they urgently need to raise funds to […]

British Freedom Party’s Paul Weston “Co-Hosted” By Lawrence Auster

From American Thinker, last month: On Thursday night, the Chairman of the newly formed British Freedom Party, Paul Weston, spoke to a group of New Yorkers at an meeting sponsored by Brigitte Gabriel’s Act For America organization. Weston also said he came to warn America that what is happening in Britain today could happen in […]

Pat Robertson Lapin Up 9/11 Bible Prophecy Nonsense

A double-whammy of stupidity from Rabbi Daniel Lapin, in conversation with Pat Robertson: The Torah, in ancient Jewish wisdom the Bible, actually explains something which we have lived through which is one of the great mysteries: the plot of 9/11… Not only do we find references in Zachariah to four mysterious crafts that come through between […]