Daily Mail Uses Wrong Photo to Illustrate Islamist Luton Protest

In my previous blog entry I quoted the Daily Mail, but I didn’t scroll down to the end of the page. Consequently, I missed this: The caption says “Catalyst: Anti-war Islamists protested during an Army march in Luton earlier this year – partly sparking yesterday’s response”. However, the “anti-war Islamists” who provoked outrage in March […]

US Anti-Islam Bloggers Argue over Luton Protests

Sadly No! draws attention to an interview with Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs: Johnson worries, in conversation and on his blog, that his old allies have been duped by far-right European political parties and have bought into wild attacks on the president that discredit their own causes. “I don’t think there is an anti-jihadist movement […]

More on Luton Protest

Tabloid Watch casts an eye over the Daily Star’s coverage of recent events in Luton: Today’s [15 April] front page has a small teaser story headed ‘St George ban anger’. It’s continuation inside reads St George banned but it’s okay for Muslims to abuse our troops. And just about everything about this story is provably untrue. Let’s […]

Protest in Luton over St. George’s Day Event Decision

The lastest from Luton, where a protest by self-described English “patriots” took place on Bank Holiday Monday: Police in Luton were out in the town on Easter Monday to ensure an illegal protest organised via the Internet passed peacefully. The protest involved approximately 150 members of the public who wished to march in Luton. None of […]

Documentaries on Islamic Extremism and the English Defence League in Luton

Two recent British TV documentaries have looked into Islamic fundamentalism and the English Defence League, focusing on the town of Luton. The first, My Hometown Fanatics: Stacey Dooley Investigates, aired on BBC 3; Dooley, who is herself from Luton, went to school with EDL leader Stephen Lennon (“Tommy Robinson”), and the programme’s narrative structure was built around […]

Paul Ray on New Luton Disturbance

An altercation between young Asian Muslims and the police in Luton over the weekend hands it on a plate to local anti-Muslim blogger Paul Ray (aka “Lionheart“): No media frenzy over this incident because it was not white people  involved who can be savaged by the left wing media and held up as sacrifices on the alter [sic] […]

Protests Lead to Unrest in Birmingham

Various reports and bits of YouTube footage are now available showing yesterday’s protests in Birmingham, which pitted the English Defence League against Unite Against Fascism. The English Defence League had branded banners declaring their opposition to racism and rejection of the BNP (the name “Casuals United” was nowhere to be seen, and I see its […]

Rival Protests Planned for Birmingham on Saturday

Also: Casuals United leader charged with affray From Unite Against Fascism: Unite Against Fascism supporters in the West Midlands will be joining the local Muslim community in Birmingham city centre on Saturday 8 August to protest against an “anti-Muslim demonstration” planned that day by right-wing thugs linked to the fascist BNP and promoted on openly […]

More on “Anti-Islamic Extremist” Protestors in UK

This month’s issue of Searchlight (410, August) carries an article about the various nationalist groups which have been holding “anti-Islamic extremist” protests in  British cities (a subject I have blogged a number of times). The article adds a bit of backstory, noting that the “United British Alliance” and “March for England” used to protest outside Finsbury Park […]

“Anti-Extremist” Protest in Birmingham

Chants included “Muslims out” Paul Ray’s Lionheart blog carries footage of another self-described “anti-Islamic extremist” demo, this time in Birmingham city centre. As with the previous outings of this sort (most recently blogged by me here), the protestors mainly sang football chants and patriotic songs; their presence appears to have attracted quite a crowd. The footage […]