Paul Ray Sued by Alan Ayling in Malta

From Malta Today: A British far-right activist, Paul Adam Cinato, has been ordered to pay €5,000 in damages to a UK national after publishing three articles in his personal blog in 2012, which were deemed defamatory by the Maltese courts. …Magistrate Francesco Depasquale today heard how Cinato, whose last known address was Marsaxlokk, publishes a blog […]

Guardian Notes Nick Greger’s Support for Breivik and Links with Paul Ray

From the Guardian: A number of rightwing British activists have publicly praised mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik – one describing him as a “role model” – since the Norwegian extremist was sentenced. The report goes on to note a petition on behalf of Breivik by “Kickboxer Darren Cliff”. Further: Another Breivik admirer, Nick Greger – who, […]

Daily Telegraph on Anders Brevik and Paul Ray

A breathless report in the Telegraph: Anders Behring Breivik trial: the ‘real’ Lionheart Anders Breivik has insisted at his trial that he attended a meeting in London in 2002 in which his violent right-wing group, the so-called “Knights Templar,” was founded. …Three days after the Norway attacks, the Daily Telegraph identified and tracked down a […]

Paul Ray Reveals Details of 2009 EDL Planning Meetings

Back in October, I blogged on a feud between three former Defence League activists: Alan Lake, Lena Andreassen, and Paul Ray. Lake has accused Andreassen of giving his real name to a journalist, and Lake and Ray have accused each other of influencing Anders Behring Breivik. Ray has also used his blog to publicise Lake’s real name – […]

Paul Ray Makes Link with “Newcastle Hard Man Paddy Conroy”

A website with the unencouraging name News of the World Online (no relation to the recently deceased Murdoch newspaper of that name), has news of Paul Ray‘s return to the UK from Malta: …Ray… claimed that on his return to England’ along with the Newcastle hard man Paddy Conroy, will be planning to tackle the implementation of […]

Who Created Fake Paul Ray Blog in 2009?

From the Malta Independent: Interpol has reportedly requested Maltese police to investigate Paul Ray and his alleged links to Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik. At the request of the Norwegian police, the Maltese authorities have been asked specifically to identify Mr Ray’s acquaintances and movements in Malta. Norwegian leading newspaper Dagbladet reported that Interpol has […]

London Times Highlights Paul Ray

Today’s Times leads with a (paywalled) article about Paul Ray, dramatically headlined “‘I’m Sorry If I inspired Norway’s Mass Killer’ – British Extremist Admits Breivik Approached Him”. The article is, alas, botched in several ways that I had hoped yesterday’s blog entry might have avoided. First, there’s a suggestion of a link with Breivik: Paul Ray… concedes […]

A Primer on Paul Ray

BBC News 24 has reportedly announced that police want to talk to blogger Paul Ray about possible links to Anders Breivik. This comes a day after the Guardian carried an item in which Ray – who vigorously denies any link – expressed his willingness to speak to the authorities in the UK about the matter. As I’ve […]

Johnny Adair to Help Paul Ray and Nick Greger Take over English Defence League?

Paul Ray has posted a series of messages to his Lionheart blog, in which he and his friend Nick Greger announce their intention to take control of the English Defence League. Ray was the original mover in creating the EDL, although he quickly fell out with the other leaders and moved to Malta. Aside from a rumour […]

Paul Ray Identifies with Northern Ireland Loyalist Groups

Alliance with former Neo-Nazi who is now friends with Johnny Adair Paul Ray, originator of the English Defence League, has found a new friend: Nick Greger, the German former neo-Nazi who is now a close associate of the Northern Ireland Loyalist Johnny Adair. On Ray’s blog, he and Greger pose together with a t-shirt glorifying Loyalist […]