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Jaerock Lee’s Daughter Leads “Healing Festival” in India

Backed by Local Campus Crusade for Christ Man Boasts of Throwing Away Medicine ASSIST Ministries carries yet another puff-piece by Johnny Kim, front-man for controversial Korean faith healer Jaerock Lee: Some 5,000 people in Himalayan region came to hear the life-giving message of God Almighty, experienced the powerful works of the Holy Spirit and 1,000 […]

Lee Jae-Rock Takes New York

God has apparently intervened with a miraculous advert for a new Christian TV station. Over to Dan Wooding and ASSIST: It was just before midnight Thursday, August 31, when a glowing cross suddenly appeared in the darkened sky above the towering Empire State Building in New York City. The alleged miracle was spotted by a group […]

Lee Jae-Rock: Germans Must Repent

I like the Charismatic Christian news service ASSIST Ministries. It often contains very interesting information unavailable elsewhere, and usually its news journalists try to bring in various views and perspectives, rather than just push a particular line. Also, in a world where most of the religious wingnuts have been snapped up by Pete at the […]

NY Christians Protest Against Korean Faith Healer

A reader sends me a link to a remarkable set of photos of a protest against Korean evangelist Lee Jae-Rock in New York last week. The protestors were all Christians who believe that Lee is heretical; banners included signs such as “JESUS IS THE ONLY ROCK! NO JAE ROCK!”, and one, from New York Presbyterian Church, […]

Controversial Korean Faith Healer to Appear in Madison Square Garden

South Korean evangelist and faith healer Lee Jae Rock is preparing to hold a “healing crusade” in New York. As ever, ASSIST Ministries reports: The “New York 2006” healing crusade will take place in the historic Madison Square Garden on July 27, 28 and 29. …Like at all of his crusades, Dr. Lee will pray […]

ASSIST Promotes Bizarre “New World Order” Conspiracy Book

Here’s a very strange article from ASSIST Ministries: One World, said by some to arguably be the best book ever on the New World Order, and until now a trade paperback, has just been released as an eBook and is available worldwide. “Every important outcome that this book has predicted has come true,” said its […]

Neo-Pentecostal Doctors Claim Miracle Healings, Resurrection of Dead Patient

ASSIST Ministries reports on the 5th International Christian Medical Conference, in Norway: …These doctors, from places like Bolivia, Brazil, Burundi, China, Indonesia and Vietnam, were all Christians who believe in the power of prayer and the fact that there are times when medical treatment has to give up – and then God’s Power takes over. […]

Full Moon

John Gorenfeld (who else?) notes recent developments in South Korea, where followers of Rev Moon have expressed their displeasure with certain elements of the media. Gorenfeld cites two newspapers; firstly, the JoongAng Daily: About 700 Unification Church members sat in at the Dong-A Ilbo building in central Seoul yesterday to complain about Shindonga magazine’s coverage […]

Philippines Health Committee Chair Backs Korean Faith Healer

(correction added, thanks) ASSIST Ministries reports: More than 500 physicians from 26 countries gathered June 1-2 for a conference at the Grand Convention Center, Cebu City, the Philippines, in which medical doctors from around the world presented scientific evidence of divine healing. …Delegates were delighted hear of a congratulatory message for the conference sent by Gloria […]

ASSISTing Anti-Terrorism

There are a couple of things about the Evangelical/Pentecostal news service ASSIST Ministries that I don’t like: the credulous reporting of faith healers like Lee Jae-Rock; stupid opinion pieces from the likes of Ted Baehr and Mikhail Margolis. But, on the other hand, ASSIST is often commendable: unlike Agape Press, it is not a creature of […]