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Battle over Nigeria’s “Child-Witches”

Child-witch stigmatisation continues in Akwa Ibom state in Nigeria: …The Akwa Ibom State government has concluded plans to rehabilitate 21 abandoned children who were discovered taking refuge at two locations in Eket local government Area. The commissioner for Women Affairs and Social welfare, Mrs. Eunice Thomas disclosed this when she visited the children at the […]

Nigerian Child Witches: Inquiry into Abuses in Akwa Ibom, but Pastors Stigmatise Children Elsewhere

The News has the latest on child witches in Akwa Ibom, Nigeria: Governor Godswill Akpabio has set up a six-man Commission of Inquiry into witchcraft accusations and child rights abuses in Akwa Ibom State, charging it to help government bring justice to bear on the society. …At the swearing-in of members of the Commission headed by […]

Channel 4 Revisits Nigerian “Child-Witches”

Channel 4 television in the UK has just broadcast a new documentary about children accused of being witches in Akwa Ibom State in Nigeria, as a follow-up to the programme on the subject that went out a year ago (which I blogged here). There’s some good news: it is now a crime to accuse a child of witchcraft […]

Nigerian Foreign Minister Accuses Abused Child Witches of Lying

Astonishing news from the Nigeria Next: Two months after the world was regaled with the revelation of mutilated, and abused children from Eket in Akwa Ibom state for being witches and wizards, the first official reaction from the federal government has come from far away Geneva. The Minister for Foreign Affair, Ojo Madueke, leading the […]

Saving Child Witches: A Nigerian Perspective

I am pleased to introduce a guest post by Leo Igwe, executive secretary of the Nigerian Humanist Movement – RB Some months ago, a British film-maker drew my attention to the plight of children in Akwa Ibom State who had been accused of being witches and wizards and thrown out of their homes by their families […]

Abuse of Children Accused of Witchcraft in UK Cited in USA as Evidence of Witchcraft

From Jennifer LeClaire, news editor at Charisma News: It started a little later than usual, but spiritual witchcraft is rising—and rising rapidly—in South Florida this October. My community is home to a large population of witches, pagans, Wiccans and other heathens who practice one form of witchcraft or another. Your community may not have palm trees and […]

Child-Witch Exorcist Helen Ukpabio Comes to London

Channel 4 News has the latest on Helen Ukpabio: A controversial Evangelical Christian and “witch hunter” arrives in the UK in the hope of performing exorcisms on children. But in Nigeria witch scares have resulted in violence, torture and death. The founder of the bizarre Liberty Foundation Gospel Ministries has been accused of exploiting superstitious […]

BBC Doc Highlights Continuing Abuse of Children Accused of Witchcraft in Congo

BBC Three has broadcast a documentary entitled Branded a Witch, in which young British mother of Congolese heritage named Kevani Kanda visited Congo to see the consequences of child-witch accusations in the country. The statistics are grim: 50,000 children held in churches for abusive “deliverance” sessions, and 20,000 living in the streets after being thrown out by […]

“Nigeria’s Wealthiest Preacher” Bishop David Oyedepo Slaps Girl in Church

As is being widely reported, Bishop David Oyedepo has come under fire after a video was posted to YouTube showing him slapping a young girl across the face during a public “deliverance” service at his Faith Tabernacle mega-church in Ota, a suburb in Lagos. The video shows the young girl telling Oyedepo that she was […]

Stepping Stones Nigeria Terminates Link to CRARN

An announcement from Gary Foxcroft of Stepping Stones Nigeria concerning the Child Rights and Rehabilitation Network, a Nigerian organisation which runs a hostel for children who have suffered abuse as a result of witchcraft allegations: As a valued supporter of Stepping Stones Nigeria, and in the spirit of openness and honesty, I have taken the decision to inform […]