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Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches Repudiates BNP’s Rev Robert West

A comment arrives: Dear Sir, As a member of the [Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches] Council, I must respectfully disagree with both Rev West’s view of FIEC policy and with your interpretation of the FIEC’s reluctance to speak against the BNP. The FIEC has declined your invitation to castigate the BNP not because it wishes to endorse the […]

BNP Rev Robert West “Doubts” Fellowship of Independent Churches “Would Oppose My Views”

Back in May, Seismic Shock carried a report on the Fellowship of Independent Churches’ reaction to the news that a chapel affiliated with the grouping had given a platform to Rev Robert West, the BNP candidate who teaches that races should live apart: British Messianic Jews had expressed grave anxiety over the FIEC’s slow response, first […]

FIEC Tells Messianic Jew it is “Entirely Opposed” to Rev Robert West

Seismic Shock carries a guest article about the BNP’s Rev Robert West, highlighting my blog entries about his recent appearance in the pulpit at a village Baptist chapel. The chapel is part of the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches (FIEC), which in turn is part of a grouping called Affinity. I tried to get the FIEC […]

Black Pastor Converts from BNP to the Christian Party

A couple of weeks ago Pastor James Gitau was campaigning on behalf of Rev Robert West and the BNP… now, according to a listing in the Croydon Guardian, he’s standing as the Christian Party Parliamentary candidate in Croydon Central. This site explains explains the Damascene moment: Pastor James Gitau who had surprised many people by joining the […]

A Black BNP Reverend: Pastor James Gitau vs “The Sins of Homosexuality”

Claims BNP “condemns use of contraceptives” Here’s one I missed from a few days ago – the BNP’s Rev Robert West (blogged by me a number of times, such as here) has been out campaigning; the Daily Telegraph reports: Griffin gets into his car and we drive to Dagenham Broadway, where the BNP has erected its […]

Nick Griffin: “Be of Good Cheer for Christ Our Lord is Risen”

“After the General Election, all BNP leaflets will carry a Christian Cross” Edmund Standing notes BNP leader Nick Griffin’s “Special Easter Message”, in which Griffin announces the party’s new emphasis on Christianity. Griffin writes that: After the General Election, all BNP leaflets will carry a Christian Cross to demonstrate our commitment to maintaining and preserving […]

Stephen Sizer vs Seismic Shock

Back in September Rev Stephen Sizer posted a blog entry about the blogger “Seismic Shock”. He told us that the blogger was being monitored by “various police authorities”, and that … Having now identified the author as a recent graduate of Leeds University, the authorities there confiscated his computer and have retrieved all his deleted files. Evidence of breaches to […]

BNP Link to English Defence League Website

Various sites have noted that the “English Defence League” – which I have blogged on a couple of times lately – has as its web designer a certain Chris Renton, who has been listed as a BNP member. According to the Stirrer: In an interview with Stirrer editor Adrian Goldberg on Talksport last night, spokesman Paul Ray also admitted […]

Gone West

The BNP in the East Midlands has achieved 106,319 votes in the European elections and came fifth, so the Rev Robert West – who believes that the “mixing of races” is a sin against God due to divinely-ordained “physical, intellectual and character” differences – will not be going to Europe as an MEP. The defeat was not due to […]

As Seen on TV

…in the East Midlands section of the BBC Politics Show, discussing the BNP’s Rev Robert West. UPDATE: In the programme, Rev West shows the camera a diploma from the Apostolic Church Bible College in Penygroes (var. “Pen-y-groes”). This Apostolic Church is a Pentecostal denomination noted for having a “high” ecclesiology; the church’s website is here and […]