Daily Mail Says “None of Us Should be Condemned or Vilified Until Our Guilt is Proved”

A thundering editorial from the Daily Mail: An ugly chapter in the history of the police As the inquiry into a fantasist’s allegations of a VIP paedophile ring draws to its ignominious close, so too does a truly ugly chapter in the history of Scotland Yard. Nothing is more fundamental to liberty and the rule of […]

Newspaper Interview Reveals Details of Sex Abuse Allegations Against Bishop George Bell

The Argus, a regional newspaper in Sussex, has published a long interview with the woman who claims to have been abused by Bishop George Bell as a child more than 60 years ago. The allegation came to light in October, when the Diocese of Chichester issued a statement in which it confirmed that it had investigated the […]

No, Terry Wogan Did Not say “David Icke was Correct on Jimmy Savile”

From Neon Nettle,  a purported news-site otherwise unknown to me: Did Terry Wogan Admit David Icke Was Right Before his Death? …Wogan allegedly told the BBC news service: “I ridiculed someone who was in the process of waking up. You see I was asleep myself just as so many others were. Well, I apologise to Mr […]

Theodore Shoebat Introduces Another Friend

Shoebat Foundation website publishes praise of masked attack on migrants in Sweden From Right Wing Watch: Yesterday, radical right-wing activist Theodore Shoebat posted an extended discussion he recently had with fellow Shoebat.com contributor Andrew Bieszad about their belief that “all of the evils that we are seeing around the world can find its origin in anti-Catholicism.” Given Shoebat’s […]

Cancelled: Hindu Conference with Former EDL Head and Anti-Christian Polemicist

From Sunny Hundal: The National Council of Hindu Temples (UK) have now cancelled their conference after hundreds of Hindu members — and even some people from their own advisory board — criticised them for their decision to host Tommy Robinson at their annual confence. Tommy Robinson (real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon) previously led the neo-Nazi group English […]

Possible Plymouth Brethren Christian Church Link to Young Britons’ Foundation Donation

In 2011, a site called Liberal Burblings drew attention to two donations to the Young Britons’ Foundation from a private company: Donations records were submitted to the [Electoral] Commission on 30th March 2011 for £45,000 and £9,999 from Healthgear Contracts, an unincorporated association of 90 College Street, Bedford, partner: one Rodney Dummer. The donations were accepted a few […]

Sunday Times Suggests Lord Bramall Accuser Has “Two Identities”

From the Sunday Times: ‘Unmask Nick’: fury at accuser’s two identities THE anonymous figure on the screen told a graphic and disturbing story. As a seven-year-old boy he had been handed to a brutal paedophile gang who had on occasions included Jimmy Savile. The witness, called “Stephen”, said he had been directly abused by the “sadistic” […]

Religious Hate: The Shoebat Family Business

Ed Brayton casts an eye over the latest offering from the Walid Shoebat Foundation: While most wingnuts are trying everything they can to pretend that Martin Luther King was really just like them, the wingnut’s wingnuts, the fringe of the fringe like our friends at Shoebat.com, are making it clear that, to them, Martin Luther […]

Demons and Satanic Ritual Abuse: Some Posthumous Notes on Bill Subritzky

At the website of Moriel Ministries, Jacob Prasch casts a sour eye over the legacy of New Zealand-based international evangelist Bill Subritzky, who died at the end of last year: We all have horror stories. I recall a young Kiwi believer named Colin who after being saved for only 7 weeks was taken by a friend […]

Lord Bramall’s False Accuser: A New Variant on Satanic Panic

From today’s London Times (paywalled): The former head of the British Army, who faced a string of accusations by an anonymous man, said that among the most galling was that he took part in a Remembrance Day sex party. Lord Bramall said: “It was completely and utterly daft. I would have been at the Cenotaph.” As has […]