The Canary Attempts Inept Edward Heath “Paedophile Information Exchange” Smear

From a certain Tom Coburg, at the left-wing website The Canary: What is not generally known is that the government possessed a file on Heath’s interest in PIE [the Paedophile Informantion Exchange]. The file forms part of the notorious 114 ‘missing’ files on child sex abuse. That list can now be seen in full and provides an insight into the […]

Chief Constable Mike Veale Launches PR Offensive in Wake of Edward Heath Report

Wiltshire Police’s Operation Conifer Summary Closure Report (discussed here) on allegations of child sex abuse against former Prime Minister Edward Heath has proven to be underwhelming: after burning through £1.5 million in just over two years, seven allegations were identified as lacking “undermining evidence”, meaning that police would have wanted to interview Heath about them. […]

The Daily Mirror and Edward Heath’s “1961” Rape Accuser

From the Daily Mirror, August 2015: Sir Edward Heath child abuse claims: Alleged victim ‘was raped by ex PM when he was just 12’ The alleged victim, now 64, says the sexual assault took place in an exclusive Mayfair flat in 1961 when Heath was a Tory MP. The Mirror can reveal for the first time […]

Edward Heath: Operation Conifer and the Ritual Abuse Information Network & Support

In a comment to this blog and in a letter published on a conspiracy website, Robert Green has confirmed that his “regular contact” with Chief Constable Mike Veale into allegations of child sex abuse against former Prime Minister Edward Heath pertained to information that has its origins with Joan Coleman of RAINS, the Ritual Abuse Information […]

Edward Heath: Some Notes on the Denouement

No Satanic Grocer Exclusive: Harvey Proctor says he was “misled” by Wiltshire Chief Constable Mike Veale – see footnote From the website of Wiltshire Police: Operation Conifer was a national investigation, led by Wiltshire Police on behalf of the National Police Service, into allegations of non-recent child abuse made against the late Sir Edward Heath. […]

“Sources” Leak More Details of Edward Heath Investigation – and a Misdescribed Photo Emerges

Photo supposedly showing Heath with a boy in Jersey in 1972 was actually Heath with his godson in France in 1965 This afternoon, Wiltshire Police will at long last officially publish a summary report of its two-year investigation into allegations of child sex abuse against the late former prime minister Edward Heath. For all this […]

Criminologist Defends Child Sex Abuse Expert with Attack on Concept of “False Memory”

From an opinion piece in the Guardian by Australian criminologist Michael Salter: Attacks on the credibility of abuse survivors are not justified by research For a quarter of a century, the concept of “false memories” has provided a scientific fig leaf for sceptics of child sexual abuse allegations. …In fact, scientific studies find that children are far less […]

Mail on Sunday Reveals Details of Edward Heath Child Sex Abuse Allegations

Also: Questions about briefing given to Andrew Bridgen MP Less than a week before Wiltshire Police finally publishes its summary report into allegations of child sex abuse against former Prime Minister Edward Heath, the Mail on Sunday has now given an overview of what the report will say: 42 claims of child sex abuse[,] includ[ing] at […]