Christian Right Activists Comment on Charlie Gard Case

This one has received wide attention; from Franklin Graham’s Facebook page: As a parent and a grandparent, this is so alarming. Little Charlie Gard’s parents deserve the right to bring him to the U.S. to try to find treatment for him—that shouldn’t even have to be discussed! It’s their prerogative. That the U.K. hospital or […]

Evangelical Leaders Boast of Oval Office Meeting with Donald Trump

Rodney Howard-Browne: “A dream come true” Robert Jeffress: “The ultimate selfie!” Jim Garlow: “I just had a picture taken of me/us with the President- TAKEN BY THE VICE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!!! Am I the only person in the world to experience that ??” From CBN: About two dozen evangelical leaders spontaneously prayed with […]

A Note on the Tommy Robinson “Manchester Jewish Community” Meeting Controversy

From the Jewish Telegraph: REPORTS of a secret meeting between the founder of the extreme right-wing English Defence League and Manchester’s Jewish community are false. Rumours appeared online and in a London Jewish newspaper claiming that Jewish leaders met Tommy Robinson in north Manchester. The story was repeated by national newspapers. The “London Jewish newspaper” that […]

A Note on CNN and Trump’s Wrestling Video Meme Creator

From the ADL: The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) today released an analysis on Reddit user, Han——-Solo, who is claiming credit for President Trump’s use of a wrestling video Sunday morning featuring a CNN logo. …For more than a year, this Reddit user has violated the platform’s terms of service by posting the type of hate against […]

New Nathan Morris Miracle Healing Claim

From ASSIST News (via Charisma News): God-Ordained Miracle Stuns Doctors Prepared to Operate A Sheffield man has mystified the medical profession following the miraculous healing of a huge tumor on his face. Ken Gorman suffered excruciating pain after a small lump, discovered at the end of May 2013, grew bigger and bigger. Doctors prescribed tablets for the pain […]

Northumbria Police in Controversy Over Threat to Anti-Islam Activist’s University Place

A statement from Northumbria Police, published on Twitter: Chief Superintendent Neil Hutchinson said: “Northumbria Police is aware of concerns on social media around messages sent by a Northumbria Police officer. These email messages have been linked to a tweet posted by the recipient of the emails. “We wish to make it clear that the email […]

Ted Heath Police Probe: A Note on “Lucy X” and Operation Midland’s “Nick”

From the Daily Telegraph: The long running police inquiry into claims that Sir Edward Heath was a paedophile has been dealt a severe blow, after it emerged that several of the key complainants are connected, raising concerns that they could have colluded before making allegations. …The Telegraph can reveal that key testimonies on which the investigation is […]