Charisma News Promotes Claim that David Rockefeller’s Death Was Predicted in a Bible Code

From Michael Snyder at Charisma News: Shocking Bible Code Matrix Contains the Exact Day And Year That David Rockefeller Would Die …Bible code researcher Kara Pickering has found an incredible Bible code matrix that contains the phrase “Rockefeller dies” along with the terms “Chase”, “Manhattan”, “2017” and the specific date on the Hebrew calendar (Adar 22) […]

Small Rally Shows Pizzagate Conspiracy Theory Lives On

Also: Gateway Pundit scrubs report From the Washington Post: Several dozen people assembled outside the White House Saturday to demand an investigation into the unfounded Internet rumor known as “Pizzagate.” Wearing T-shirts and holding banners defending the conspiracy theory — which falsely linked Hillary Clinton to an alleged child-sex-trafficking ring operating out of a D.C. pizza parlor […]

Westminster Terror Attack: The Troofers Emerge

Yesterday I wrote about Tommy Robinson’s anti-Islam grandstanding next to the scene of Wednesday’s Westminster terrorist attack – today, it’s the other side of the coin: Another London false flag? (updated) By Kevin Barrett on March 22, 2017 Gladio B strikes London on Satanic holiday – one year after Brussels Barrett, for the uninitiated, is […]

A Media Note on Tommy Robinson at Westminster

From the Independent, yesterday: Tommy Robinson has been widely condemned for launching into a tirade about Islamic extremism at the scene of a suspected terrorist attack in Westminster. The former English Defence League leader rushed to the Houses of Parliament in London after news of the attacks emerged. Although details about the alleged assailant and their motive […]

Ted Heath: A Note on Clive Driscoll’s “2001” Accuser and the Satanic Ritual Abuse Claims

From the Guardian, 11 August 2015: A former senior detective has said police received allegations of child sex abuse made against Sir Edward Heath in 2001 – while the former prime minister was still alive. …An alleged victim, a woman, was interviewed by Clive Driscoll. He was then a detective inspector [with the Metropolitan Police] and in […]

Charisma News Promotes New “Illuminati” Conspiracy Theorist

From Charisma News: Former New Age blogger Steven Bancarz says the new world order Daniel predicted is alive—in the occult realm. And quoting the source, Bancarz’s Facebook page: There are many people who don’t mess with New Age beliefs because they know that it’s the exact same stuff the Illuminati (Illuminated ones) and Masons believe. The New Age […]

Articles Highlight “Satanic Child Sex Orgies” Claim in Relation to Cost of Edward Heath Investigation

From the Sun on Sunday: A POLICE probe into claims ex-PM Sir Edward Heath took part in satanic child sex orgies has topped £1million. The massive bill was blasted as obscene, futile and an abuse of taxpayers’ money. …Unmarried Mr Heath was PM from 1970-74 and died 12 years ago. Lurid allegations against him include claims […]

IPCC Clears Officers Over Handling of Operation Midland Despite Inquiry Finding “Significant Failings”

Yet another epilogue to the Operation Midland fiasco – a statement from the Independent Police Complaints Commission: …The IPCC has… discontinued its investigation into allegations [officers] failed to properly investigate allegations made by a complainant ‘Nick’ which lead [sic] to an extended investigation causing prolonged and undue stress to those under suspicion. There is no […]

Media Reports Highlight “the Christian Nationalist Alliance”

From Newsbusters, and syndicated to Charisma News: Last weekend, a group of witches assembled their tarot cards, Trump photos and orange candle stubs and cast a “binding spell” over the president. After a long incantation, many concluded with “so mote it be,” while others simply said “you’re fired!” …On February 24, the Christian Nationalist Alliance organized a […]

“Cosmetic Clitoridectomy” Case Prompts Three-Year Criminal Investigation

From the Evening Standard, a couple of days ago: A leading London doctor who says that women should be free to choose what to do with their bodies has been spared prosecution over allegations that he authorised unlawful genital surgery on a mother of two. Professor David Veale was placed under a three-year Met investigation after […]