“VIP Abuse” Detective who Warned of “Witch-Hunt” Speaks Out

The Daily Mail has a remarkable interview with the Metropolitan Police’s DCI Paul Settle, speaking in a personal capacity about his work investigating claims of “VIP sex abuse”: DCI Settle had no idea of the ‘poisoned chalice’ he’d been handed after Labour Deputy Leader Tom Watson raised a question in the Commons of a ‘powerful paedophile […]

Patriarch of Moscow Expresses “Respect and Gratitude” For Fidel Castro

The website of the Russian Orthodox Church carries a letter from Patriarch Kirill of Moscow to Raul Castro: Comandante Fidel was one of the most famous and outstanding state leaders of today. He gained international authority and became a legend already in his lifetime. Being flesh of the flesh of the Cuban people, he devoted all […]

Police Probing Recovered “Memories” of Satanic Ritual Abuse Involving Former Prime Minister Edward Heath

The Mail on Sunday has some remarkable information about the police investigation into the late Edward Heath, revealing allegations of Satanic Ritual Abuse and the role of “recovered memory” therapy. The details have been put into the public domain by Dr Rachel Hoskins, (1) an independent police expert who was asked by Wiltshire Police to […]

Jo Cox Killer Convicted of Murder: Some Media Notes

From the BBC: Thomas Mair has been found guilty of the murder of Labour MP Jo Cox. The 53-year-old shot and stabbed to death the mother-of-two in Birstall, West Yorkshire, on 16 June, a week before the EU referendum vote… There was never any real doubt that Thomas Mair was going to be convicted: the […]

Unreliable News Sites Attack List of Unreliable News Sites

From the Chronicle of Higher Education: Last week Melissa Zimdars started keeping a list of popular but unreliable news sites — some she’d encountered on her own Facebook feed, others she’d searched for, still others drawn from suggestions by friends and colleagues. The plan was to show the list to students in her mass-communication classes at […]

Rick Wiles and Mark Taylor Look Forward to “Tribunals” Under Trump

Charisma News has the latest from Mark Taylor, the Florida firefighter who says that God gave him a personal message in 2011 that Donald Trump would become president of the USA – apparently, Taylor has received further revelations about Trump’s role as God’s instrument on earth: Now that it’s obvious much of what Taylor prophesied has […]

VIP Sex Abuse Claims: Police Probe Probe Group That Threatened to Expose Ted Heath As Gay

The Times Diary, 24 June 1972, discusses a work called Discipline or Corruption, published in 1966 by a London based outfit called “Fact and Fiction”: …Under her English pseudonym, Karen Cooper, Miss Kwiatkowski advises her readers that they must “either perpetuate corruption or encourage discipline and responsibility… either pull society downwards, or elevate man and contribute […]

Operation Midland: Some Notes on the Outcome and the Damage

Police admit “failures” Harvey Proctor left “destitute” by false allegation John Mann MP sees false accuser as part of a conspiracy Police “relied on the advice of Nick’s counsellor”  From the BBC: Numerous errors were made in Scotland Yard’s investigation into paedophile allegations against VIPs, an independent review has found. The decision to abandon Operation […]

Spiritual Forces and the Election of Donald Trump: Some Notes

It’s God Wot Won It From Franklin Graham on Facebook: Many thought the Trump/Pence ticket didn’t have a chance. None of them understand the God-factor. Hundreds of thousands of Christians from across the United States have been praying. This year they came out to every state capitol to pray for this election and for the […]

No, Tony Podesta Does Not Drink Breastmilk and Sperm

Reference to 1996 Spirit Cooking art project whips up “Satanic sex cult” conspiracy theories among Trump supporters From We Are Change: In perhaps the most disturbing Wikileaks release to date, Tony Podesta (John Podesta’s brother) is invited to a “Spirit Cooking” dinner with performance artist Marina Abramovic. …While this seems like a completely normal and uninspiring email, […]