“Fairly Good Natured” Anti-Brexit Protest in London Smeared

From Sky News: Thousands of people have been protesting outside the Houses of Parliament against the result in the EU referendum. Groups of demonstrators were singing songs and chanting slogans, many of which were aimed at the leaders of the Leave campaign. …The crowd also sang ‘Hey EU’, to the tune of The Beatles song ‘Hey […]

Russian Security Council Warns of Foreign Agents Using Religion to “Erode Spiritual Values”

Staying with Russia, news from the Russian Security Council, via Interfax: The special services of other countries are involving religious, ethnic, human rights and other public organizations in the activity to destabilize some regions in the world, a new version of the Russian information security doctrine published on the Russian Security Council’s website said. …”The information impact […]

Russian Orthodox Rexit and the “Holy and Great Council”

Interfax Religion, 2007: All-Orthodox meetings for settling disputes are not held regularly to the ‘shame of Orthodox world’ – the Russian Church The Russian Orthodox Church considers it necessary to conduct regular all-Orthodox meetings to settle controversial issues arising between local Churches and to work out the common notion of a canonical territory. ‘It is […]

Cliff Richard Reveals How South Yorkshire Police Mishandled False Sex Abuse Allegations

ITV’s daytime television programme Loose Women has broadcast its exclusive interview with Cliff Richard, following the news that the Crown Prosecution Service has decided that there is insufficient evidence regarding historic allegations against him of sex abuse. South Yorkshire Police spent almost two years investigating the claims before passing to the CPS what the CPS described as “a full […]

Some Notes on Allegations Against Clement Freud

From the Daily Star: E-mails sent to Kate and Gerry McCann by paedophile Clement Freud to be handed to inquiry Correspondence between the late Liberal MP and the parents of missing Madeleine will be submitted to an inquiry looking into historic abuse allegations. …The former BBC broadcaster, who died in 2009, invited Kate and Gerry McCanns […]

Some Notes on Liberty GB, Paul Weston and Jack Buckby

From ITV News: Following the decision by all major political parties to not contest the upcoming by-election for Jo Cox’s seat out of respect for her family, one smaller party has announced that it will. Jack Buckby, who is part of ‘radical patriotic conservative’ party Liberty GB, took to social media to make the announcement […]

Some Notes on Claims about Thomas Mair

At this stage, it would be unwise to draw firm inferences from what has been said about the political links and mental health of Thomas Mair (var. Tom Mair, Tommy Mair), who is alleged to be the murderer of Jo Cox MP. However, with snippets of information and counter-claims being bandied back and forth across […]

No, Orlando Massacre Was Not Predicted by ISIS Three Days Beforehand

A headline from Gateway Pundit: ISIS Announced Florida Threat THREE Days Ago: “We Will Attack Florida” The story has gained a certain amount of attention on social media; the implication is that this is pertinent information relating to Omar Mateen’s massacre in Orlando. However, as we’ve come to expect from Jim Hoft (“the dumbest man on the […]

Iran-Based Cleric Linked to Orlando Says He Never “Gave the Call to a Death Sentence” at Talks on Homosexuality

Fusion draws attention to new Facebook postings by Sheikh Farrokh Sekaleshfar: Asked specifically about his March comments about gays in Orlando, Sekaleshfar called it an “academic discussion” where he was describing the “theoretical angle as to what Islam says.” “I never gave the call to a death sentence,” he said, adding that extracts were taken out […]

No, Michio Kaku Has Not “Found Proof” That God Exists

From Christian Today: Top scientist finds proof that God exists, says humans live in a ‘world made by rules created by an intelligence’ Theoretical physicist Michio Kaku, who is known as one of the developers of the revolutionary String Theory, said theoretical particles known as “primitive semi-radius tachyons” may be used to prove the existence of […]